Yahoo Mail gets mixed mailbox support for Gmail and Google Apps accounts

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Yahoo Mail has stretched a server-side IMAP support to now embody Gmail and Google Apps accounts. In doing so, you’re now means to serve bond your emails underneath one powerful inbox and service.

The association hopes that with this addition, it can pull some-more users to a email use so that they can knowledge Yahoo’s hunt capabilities within Mail and learn that it usually works. Yahoo Mail already supports IMAP for AOL Mail,, and Hotmail.

In a universe of email, Yahoo stays one of a tip use providers, competing in a swarming space. But instead of usually being a place for we to promulgate with your family, friends, coworkers, and partners, Yahoo Mail wants to be viewed as being a concept database containing user information — your place to keep lane of gifts you’re giving, people you care about, trips you’re taking, and more.

That’s something Yahoo’s comparison clamp boss of communications products Jeff Bonforte pronounced he’s unapologetic about. “It’s a usually database zodiacally owned by a user,” he told VentureBeat.

Yahoo promises that if we import your emails from your Gmail and/or Google Apps accounts, you’ll be means to take advantage of Yahoo’s hunt capabilities, definition we can parse by your whole story of emails, no matter how prolonged ago it was, from any connected mailbox. In addition, your contacts will be incorporated into Yahoo Mail’s intelligent residence book, powered by a Xobni acquisition; we can also precedence a abounding harmonise underline and a Yahoo Account Key that doesn’t need we to remember a cue — usually use your phone.

In a nutshell, with IMAP support, if we wish to bond your emails opposite several addresses, Yahoo can be a executive repository of your photos, fun threads, ecommerce receipts, emails, and more. It believes that it can offer consumers a improved knowledge in looking during all your emails in an orderly way, including not usually a tangible message, though referencing attachments and contacts that a complement cleverly knows we need to include.

Yahoo pronounced that those who wish to bond their Mail comment with Gmail can go into their Account Settings in a Yahoo Mail mobile app or on a desktop. This underline is accessible globally today.

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