Xiaomi’s Mi Box Mini is an media pennon a distance of a phone charger

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With a $30 Mi Box Mini, Xiaomi has managed to things a quad-core Android media pennon into a device a distance of a energy charger.

The Mi Box Mini is one entertain a distance of Xiaomi’s existent Mi Box, putting it during roughly twin inches prolonged and wide. Xiaomi says a motherboard is one third a distance of a credit card.

Yet a device still packs a Cortex A7 quad-core processor for 1080p video playback, along with 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, and twin rope Wi-Fi. It plugs directly into an opening and connects to televisions around HDMI, and uses a Bluetooth remote control.

What would one do with such a petite device? While Xiaomi didn’t speak specifics, presumably it’ll be identical in functionality to a full-sized Mi Box, that streams a accumulation of videos and lets users lamp calm from other inclination over Miracast, DLNA, and other methods.

Xiaomi skeleton to take pre-orders in China on Jan 20, and will start shipping a Mi Box Mini after in a month.

Why this matters: You substantially shouldn’t reason your exhale for a U.S. launch, as Xiaomi hasn’t announced any recover skeleton outward China. But as an considerable attainment of engineering, a Mi Box Mini is value admiring from afar, and with Xiaomi being sloping to possibly enter a U.S. marketplace in 2015, it might during slightest give a clarity of what’s to come.

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