Xbox One summer refurbish rolling out with Cortana, credentials music, and more

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Microsoft is rolling out a poignant refurbish to a Xbox One today. The summer refurbish brings a series of new features, including Microsoft’s Cortana digital partner for those in a US and UK. Cortana is designed to demeanour and feel only like a Windows 10 variant, and many of a same queries work. You’ll also be means to use Cortana to set adult parties by Kinect or around a headset, see what friends are playing, and control media playback. Cortana replaces a aged Xbox voice commands with “Hey Cortana,” though Microsoft is gripping them accessible if we invalidate Cortana.

Xbox gamers will be gratified to hear credentials song is finally nearing with a summer update. Pandora will be one of a initial apps to support credentials music, and it will work only as you’d expect. You can play song and start a diversion and a song will continue personification in a background. If we wish to change a volume or postponement a song afterwards there are discerning controls accessible from opening adult a Xbox dashboard guide.

Microsoft is starting to combine a Xbox and Windows Stores with this update, permitting we to get entrance to some Windows 10 apps on a Xbox. It’s still early days so not many are available, though Microsoft will be opening a store adult to some-more and some-more developers in a entrance months. Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere beginning also kicks off with this new summer update, that means we can buy certain titles for a PC and get a Xbox chronicle (or clamp versa) but profitable extra.

Microsoft adds denunciation autonomy for Xbox One

Another large further is segment independence. You can now name any denunciation regardless of your location, so if we pierce nation we can keep your denunciation and set your new location. It’s something that Xbox gamers have been watchful for. Microsoft is also tweaking a diversion collection layout, so we can entrance a “ready to install” territory and not have to corkscrew horizontally for your games.

You’ll be means to see what your PC friends are personification on Xbox Live

Over on a Windows 10 side, Microsoft is also updating a Xbox app prepared for a Windows 10 Anniversary Update that will be accessible on Aug 2nd. All a tip Windows 10 PC games will now uncover adult on Xbox Live, definition you’ll be means to see what your friends are personification on their PC, discuss with them over Xbox Live parties, and see and share PC diversion clips. Gamers will also be means to record 60fps diversion clips once a Anniversary Update rolls out to Windows 10 subsequent week.

Microsoft’s Xbox One summer refurbish is accessible for all consoles right now, forward of a Xbox One S hardware launch on Aug 2nd. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be accessible for PCs on Aug 2nd as a giveaway update.

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