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According to the U.S. “Business News” on March 24 message, Altera Corporation and Apical Limited announced the world’s first Video Surveillance Camera’s high-definition wide dynamic range (WDR) CMOS image sensor processing Solutions . Altera will be in the 3.24-3.26 Nevada Las Vegas at the International Security Conference (ISC) Expo West show the solution. Altera and Apical the complete solution to ensure that the surveillance camera even in different lighting conditions, also has a superior video image quality, which has been monitoring the previous generations Video camera Stumbling block. With Altera’s Cyclone ® III and the characteristics and Apical CycloneIVFPGAs intellectual property (IP), the solution to support the latest MT9M033 Aptina high definition wide dynamic CMOS image sensors.

Standard CMOS image sensor is limited by light intensity. When it is slightly affected by direct sunlight, the photo is likely to wash out black or blind spots when. WDRCMOS image sensor can resolve this problem, but there is a design problem. The image sensor produces a large number of data (20 bits per color × above 1.2M pixels 60 frames per second) must use the image signal processor (ISP) to be addressed, but the data is not so much so that chip processing. Commonly used Monitoring System Digital signal processors (DSPs) and standard application-specific circuits (ASSPs) inability to effectively deal with the problem. The Altera’s CycloneFPGAs capable of large-scale digital computing algorithm, the algorithm can generate the original image data into a clear video image of the standard required for digital output.

“Although in the past the sensor in any poor light or bright light conditions are good, but they are so far still can not simultaneously meet the two Environment . “Apical MichaelTusch Chief Executive Officer, said:” Once we realized that DSPs can not complete what we need, we would turn Altera’s CycloneFPGAs, because they provide Apical application in monitoring the market cost points and power restrictions of the IP needed performance. “

Sensor processing design of the FPGAs is provided by the Apical. Apical’s IP includes a complete ISP, the ISP can perform auto exposure, auto gain and auto white balance, which helps very low-light and bright light conditions to adjust the video image clarity. Apical’s IP is also the company through the use of high-performance integrated Apica 2D or 3D noise reduction technology and advanced color processing technology mimic the human eye art iridix ® local tone mapping engine to optimize the video image. CycloneIII and CycloneIV series of FPGAs with industry-leading clock rates, logic utilization and lower power consumption of all the features.

“Altera’s FPGAs enable our customers to their design to do more, especially in the industrial market, where traditional DSPs and ASSPs are dead,” Altera’s industrial and automotive business unit director MichaelSamuelian said: “Altera low cost, low power Cyclone series FPGAs are being used for image capture to image display from the main image processing elements. combined with our FPGAs, and Apical’s IP, the next generation of video surveillance equipment to get to market faster , and has unlimited potential. “

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