World?s Biggest Libraries

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Library is a peaceful place where people come to study and enrich their knowledge. The modern society with laptops, e-readers and hi-tech facilities has gradually dominated libraries. However, the libraries such as Salt Lake City Public Library in United States, the Strahov Theological Hall in Czech Republic, the Biblioteca Espana library in Colombia, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Canada and many others remind us of how important libraries are and how much they are worth saving.

Music is played on every floor in the Salt Lake City Public Library in Utah, United States. Arriving at the library, people can use computers with Internet access as well as enjoy coffee and sandwiches.

Salt Lake City Public Library in Utah, United States

Biblioteca Espana library in Medellin city, Colombia is built on a hilltop. It was built to bring more reading opportunities to the poorest residents in the city

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Toronto, Canada has the largest collection of rare books and manuscripts in Canada.


Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark was built in 1648.


Vancouver Public Library in Canada is a nine-story glass building. It looks like a huge ball


Strahov Theological Hall in Czech Republic contains 18,000 religious texts, including various editions of the Bible in many different languages


Beinecke Rare Book Library in New Haven, US is a gift from the Beinecke family to Yale University in 1963. It was built from translucent marble and designed to preserve rare books and manuscripts.

The Seattle Central Library built in 2004 is very spacious. It is built to be an inviting and functional public space.

Halmstad Library in Halmstad, Sweden was covered by the surrounding trees. It also features wall-to-wall windows.

British Library in London, England is named as one among the largest libraries in the world. The library displays more than 150 million items from countries all over the world.


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