World Cup Cricket 2011 and world cup scores

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Cricket is seen as an important sport all over the world and with the 2011, the beginning craze of world cup cricket 2011 cannot be neglected. A number of people, particularly the Indians are too excited, thrilled and over amused by the fact that most of the world cup cricket 2011 matches will be held in the Indian sub-continent. For the Indian fans of cricket, the news seems to be more exciting for the reason that they would have greater chances to witness the glorious world cup moments.

With the present scenario of the Indian cricket, the prospect of India winning this World cup has increased tremendously. The great circumstances are favoring the Indians to grab their share of wining moments in the World cup for very basic reasons. Infact, even the former Australia wicketkeeper Rodney Marsh opines the same. He believes that the two teams, India and Sri Lanka have great prospects of winning the World Cup Cricket 2011. A number of matches are being held in the sub-continent and this increases the chances of India to win this time. Asian countries obviously have an edge over other countries, playing on the home ground being one of the most important factors. Undoubtedly, India is at its boom phase in cricket right now and in context of these circumstances, the chances of making a history yet another time are unblemished. India can prove to be a great contender for all other teams, keeping in view the number of matches being played on the home ground as well as the good form of all the Indian cricketers.

In view of these notifications, it doesn’t seem too hard for India to put down the Australians and grab this World Cup 2011 from the previous world champion. Under the leadership of young captain M.S Dhoni, the prospects of winning seem to be increasing since as of now the team is performing brilliantly. The Indian team combination seems to be a yet another ruling factor and the line of attack as far as bowling, batting and fielding are concerned, seem to be quite impressive too. As far as the cricket world cup schedule is concerned, a lot of people are quite well aware by now, but for the information, India would be hosting 29 matches with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh hosting 12 and 8 matches respectively. You can get all the world cup information and the live cricket score from the cricket websites catering to these demands.

With so many positives in favor of India, the world cup cricket 2011 seems to be a much awaited sports tournament for all the cricket fans in India for Indians treat cricket to be more than just a sport. Treating cricket as a religion, Indians are glad and waiting dreadfully for this sport event. For those of you, who cannot watch the live cricket, the websites offering live cricket scores are always readily accessible and you can get any information on the world cup 2011. So wait for this world cup cricket 2011 and get geared up for the most awaited event!




The cricket world cup 2011 is around and undoubtedly all the cricket fans would look out for the world cup score. There are a number of sources you can use for getting the live cricket score and cricket world cup schedule, internet being the most important one.

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