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World coins are a world of fun

One of the best things about collecting coins is learning about our big world. That’s why World Coins are such a fun way to get into collecting. I love world coins of all kinds—from the Gold Krugerand to Canadian coins to all the wonderful world coins from the famed Perth Mint in Australia.

Collectors of old coins and gold coins from around the world also love world coins, from Europe, Asia and beyond. World Coins are a great alternative to buying silver and gold coins, and are fun for young and old. Here are a few favorites:

World Coins from the Perth Mint. These world coins from down under include gold and silver coins that highlight the region, animals and other great themes. The Platinum Coins – Discover Australia The Dreaming Series word coins are proof quality 99.95% pure platinum coins depicting images of Australian animals in the unique style of Australian Indigenous artist Darryl Bellotti. These are great, fun world coins to collect.

In 1982, China issued the first Panda gold bullion coins and these world coins were destined to be an unprecedented success for collectors and investors alike. I have a lot or Panda coins in my own collection.

Other world coins include those from Canada. There are seven denominations of Canadian coinage: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $ 1, and $ 2. Though officially titled the One Cent Piece, Five Cent Piece, Ten Cent Piece, Twenty-Five Cent Piece, Fifty Cent Piece, One Dollar Coin and Two Dollar Coin; these world coins are more commonly referred to as the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, loonie, and toonie.

World coins from Mexico include pure silver and gold Libertad coins that have been released each year since 1991. Libertad coins are treasured as a precious metal hedge against inflation, for their beauty, and historical significance. The obverse features the Angel of Independence (El Ángel); in her right hand she holds a laurel crown, symbolizing Victory, while in her left hand she holds a broken chain, symbolizing Freedom.

Eagle National Mint is a great supplier of”;>world coins, plus fine collectibles, including gold”;>coins, Morgan dollars, old coins, silver bars, dollar gold coins, peace dollars, offerings from the US mint, plus watches, fine art and so much more.

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