Woman Who Tweeted 9/11 Photo: "I Immediately Started Crying"

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It was a elementary summary about a print found in a ashes.

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe posted this summary on amicable media any 9/11, anticipating to find a people in a photo. But any year, zero happened.

“I thought, ‘Why not? I’m going to do it one some-more time everywhere.’ And we saw it removing retweeted,” pronounced Keefe.

And soon, a highbrow during Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, satisfied this time was different.

“I consider a half an hour later, we knew it was going to happen,” she said. “It was so exciting. we start to rip adult when we consider about it. It started to go viral, so we stayed adult all night and only watched.”

6,500 retweets later, one summary from Fred Mahe altered everything.

“He sent me a really mysterious message,” pronounced Keefe. “It only said, ‘I know a people in a message, give me a call.'”

So she did.

“When he answered a phone, he pronounced his name, and we said, ‘This is Elizabeth Stringer Keefe,'” she said. “He paused for a notation and said, ‘You are awesome.'”

The print was found during Ground Zero right after a attacks. Keefe done it her goal to find out a story behind it.

“I said, ‘Are we in that photo?’ And he said, ‘That is my photo,'” pronounced Keefe. “It was unbelievable, we immediately started crying.”

Mahe worked in Tower Two. He had only come off a transport when a building was hit. The photo, taken during his friend’s wedding, was tacked to his table on a 77th floor.

Mahe now lives in Colorado, and all 6 people in a print are alive and well.

“On 9/11, like you, we saw a misfortune of humanity. The comprehensive worst. But on 9/12, we saw a best,” pronounced Mahe. “And a print poser was solved on 9/12.”

“Finding Fred, and being means to lapse this sold print to him, is unbelievable,” pronounced Keefe.

Keefe and Mahe will accommodate for a initial time Monday in New York.

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