With or but Bono’s guitar, U2 will still go on

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Bono will expected leave his guitar during home when U2 tours in Boston this summer, yet rope crony Tommy McCarthy still expects them to stone a house.

The U2 frontman and sometimes-guitarist is adjusting to a new titanium bend after a Nov cycling collision landed him in New York-Presbyterian Hospital with a bone in his top arm adhering by his leather jacket.

“It’s not going to harm his career,” pronounced McCarthy, owners of The Burren in Somerville. “Nothing brings him down and we think, in time, he’ll be means to play a guitar again.”

McCarthy, who met a rope during a wake in Ireland 15 years ago, frequently works with U2 bassist Adam Clayton as partial of a Walk in My Shoes Charity for Mental Health.

“Bono is a many dissapoint about it,” pronounced McCarthy, who pronounced he has oral with Clayton given a accident. “No matter what, it’s going to be a rocking uncover — they’re prepared to strike a 
road again.”

In a post Thursday on a band’s website, Bono addressed a injury.

“As we write this, it is not transparent that we will ever play guitar again,” pronounced a “Sunday Bloody Sunday” singer. “I privately would really most skip fingering a frets of my immature Irish falcon or my (RED) Gretsch.”

U2 hits a Hub for 4 dates during TD Garden in July, as partial of a their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015.

“The consequences of this weird collision are poignant adequate that we will have to combine tough to be prepared for a U2 debate in aptness terms,” he writes about his injury. “As a outcome we have cancelled each open coming and motionless this missive is all a communication we can conduct for a initial half of 2015, over muttering and singing to myself of course.”

U2 fan Steven Snyder of Revere pronounced a guitarless Bono wouldn’t deter him from holding in a show.

“I positively don’t go to see Bono play guitar,” Snyder said. “I go to hear him sing and see his crazy antics. If he couldn’t speak, that would be an issue.”

Snyder, an attendee of “dozens” of U2 shows, pronounced he would be astounded if fans showed anything reduction than support for a band.

“Everyone’s listened about it, so we consider they’ll be some-more supportive about it,” pronounced Snyder of a injury. “(U2 guitarist) The Edge is one chairman that sounds like 5 when he plays — I’d be astounded if it’s a vital impact, yet it competence change Bono’s songwriting abilities a small bit.”

The Irish stone rope has finished unchanging stops in Boston given a 1980s. Somerville Theatre ubiquitous manager Ian Judge requisitioned a rope for a insinuate venue in 2009 and doubts venues are endangered about sheet sales.

“I’d contend it means really small to internal venues — after all, for a large venues U2 plays, Bono seems to usually sing in concert, so this doesn’t block that,” Judge said.

Carla DeLellis, owners of Somerville bar Johnny D’s, expects fans will mount by a band.

“Musicians are some-more than only their instruments,” DeLellis said. “They are their personality, their history, what they’ve finished — infrequently it’s some-more about their change than what they can do right now.”

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