Windows 95 using on a Nintendo 3DS will take we behind in time

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 In this complicated age, what on Earth are we ostensible to do with an aged duplicate of Windows 95? The discs competence make for stylish splash coasters, and we competence use a aged program box to adorn your home office. 

GBAtemp forum member shutterbug2000 had other ideas, though, and commissioned Microsoft’s landmark handling complement on a new Nintendo 3DS. It’s small, and we substantially won’t wish to use it for any tangible work, though come on—it’s Windows 95 using on a 3DS!

Here it is running the bootup sequence:

To work this magic, shutterbug2000 used a various of DOSbox, an open-source DOS emulator, a Windows 95 .img file, and a “new” Nintendo 3DS.

Shutterbug2000 previously attempted this penetrate on an strange 3DS model, though says that “every time, it froze on a rainbow glitchy mess.” According to shutterbug2000, a strange 3DS seems to miss a horsepower or a memory to run a DOSbox/Windows 95 combination; meanwhile, it “just worked” on a newer 3DS hardware.

Of course, we’ve seen Windows 95 get hacked to run on other hardware before—from iPads to Android phones—but this fact doesn’t make shutterbug2000’s attainment any reduction impressive. Hop on over to a GBAtemp forum thread for a full details. 

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