Window washers ‘doing well’ after skeleton rescue

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Two window washers dangled for roughly dual hours from a 69th building of One World Trade Center Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014, before firefighters cut by potion one building next and pulled them to safety.

Investigators are looking into a fall of a World Trade Center skeleton that left dual window washers swinging from a nation’s tallest skyscraper — 1 World Trade Center, that non-stop progressing this month.

On Wednesday, the workers were trapped 68 stories above a travel when a wire unexpected grown slack.

The group hold on to a teetering height for dual painful hours before firefighters used solid cutters to saw by a double-layered window to lift them to safety.

The thespian rescue, entrance a small some-more than a week after a nation’s tallest building strictly opened, was followed by throngs of New Yorkers on a belligerent and many some-more around a universe examination on live TV.

The window washers, Juan Lizama and Juan Lopez, were operative on a reduce Manhattan building’s south side when one of a platform’s 4 cables abruptly gave way, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. The open-topped height slanted neatly and convinced somewhat between a 68th and 69th floors, he said.

“It unexpected went from plane to scarcely vertical,” Nigro said.

Officials haven’t dynamic what caused a wire problem, a glow commissioner said.

It was misleading either anything about a pattern of a 1,776-foot, 104-story skyscraper complicates operative on a window soaking scaffolds, that went into use in June.

A glow dialect print shot from inside a building shows a skeleton height unresolved precipitously, with a Statue of Liberty appearing small in a distance.

Two window washers swinging from New York’s World Trade Center are discovered after firefighters cut by potion and lift them to safety. Gavino Garay reports.

About 100 firefighters rushed to a scene, some of them obscure ropes from a roof so a workers could secure themselves and providing a two-way radio to communicate, Nigro said. The workers, who have some-more than 20 years of knowledge between them, were harnessed to a platform, and a building’s owners pronounced they had all a claim reserve rigging and training.

After ruinous a window glass, firefighters began inching another skeleton down a building as a backup rescue plan. But a workers were brought to reserve by a roughly 4-by-8-foot window hole.

“It was a sincerely candid operation,” pronounced Battalion Chief Joseph Jardin, who oversees a glow department’s special operations.

Officials stressed that firefighters had lerned for several emergencies during a tower, that is a centerpiece of a rebuilt World Trade Center.

Firefighters generally find to cut out windows to make such rescues, though Nigro remarkable a trade center’s thick glass: a double-paned middle covering and an outdoor pane.

“And, of course, they were 68 stories up,” he said. “That presented a small bit some-more of a challenge.”

Lizama and Lopez were checked out during a sanatorium and were released. Their union, Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ, pronounced it creates certain workers follow severe reserve protocols.

The building’s owner, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, pronounced it was suspending window cleaning there while questioning what happened.

The window washers were operative for Upgrade Services Window Cleaning, that services other distinguished New York skyscrapers including a circuitously 4 World Trade Center.

The window soaking association would usually contend a window washers were “doing well” after their recover from a hospital. The rig’s supplier, a Tractel Group, that built and remade scaffolds concerned in dual other high-profile accidents in new years, didn’t immediately lapse a call seeking comment.

The Tractel Group was fined $21,000 in 2008 after a skeleton it had remade a year before gave approach with dual window washers aboard while they worked on a 47th building of an top Manhattan building; one workman died. Tractel also built a skeleton that snapped 500 feet above a belligerent final Jun in midtown Manhattan, withdrawal dual workers dangling; they were discovered after firefighters cut by glass.

The dulcet $3.9 billion skyscraper that rose from a remains of a Sept. 11, 2001, apprehension attack, non-stop final week to 175 employees of repository publisher Conde Nast. Steps divided are dual commemorative fountains built on a footprints of a decimated twin towers, a sign of a some-more than 2,700 people who died in a attack.


Associated Press writers Kiley Armstrong, Verena Dobnik, Deepti Hajela and Jennifer Peltz contributed to this report.

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