Will a Golden State Warriors ever lose?

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At 5-0, a Golden State Warriors are a usually undefeated group left in a NBA. Coach Steve Kerr has nonetheless to remove an NBA diversion as a W’s have mostly dominated their approach to a team’s initial 5-0 start in 20 years.

Perhaps many considerable in their vehement start is a teams a Warriors have beaten. They’ve taken down a Kings, a Lakers, a Blazers, the Clippers and now a Rockets. Aside from a Lakers, those are good wins. With a diversion during Phoenix on Sunday night and opposite a Spurs on Tuesday, Golden State’s opening 7 games are no travel in a park.

But with a approach Golden State is personification — generally on a defensive end, where their 89.4 defensive rating is tops in a joining — 7-0 isn’t inconceivable. And if that happens, it’s not too fantastic to consider Golden State could be 17-0 when it faces a Pelicans on Dec. 4.

Parity manners a NBA, so Golden State could remove any of these games, though looking forward, we consternation when will a Dubs finally lose?

Nov. 9, during Suns

The Suns are entrance off a tough detriment to a Kings on Friday night. And with Golden State uninformed off a outrageous win, this diversion has “letdown” created all over it for a W’s. Golden State, however, should reason off a Suns group that has struggled with invulnerability this season.

Nov. 11, Spurs

If a W’s can win opposite a Spurs, a chances of them going undefeated in Nov skyrocket. However, this is a toughest diversion on a schedule. First off, it’s a Spurs. Second, San Antonio doesn’t have a marquee win this season. Coach Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan know to save it for a playoffs, though they competence confirm to let a rest of a NBA know they’re still around in a large diversion opposite Golden State.

Nov. 13-21, Nets, Hornets, during Lakers, Jazz

To date, this widen will be a easiest in terms of strength of schedule. Lance Stephenson and a Hornets have a ability to surprise, though Golden State outmatches any of these teams.

Nov. 23-Dec. 2, during Thunder, during Heat, during Magic, during Hornets, during Pistons, Magic

A five-game highway outing closes out Nov for a Warriors, and a Thunder and Heat should be means to plea them, though a Thunder will still be depleted and a Heat are a run-of-the-mill group in a East. Then Golden State gets a Magic, Hornets, Pistons and Magic again to tighten out a month. Those should be easy wins.

Dec. 4, Pelicans

Anthony Davis isn’t from this earth, so it’s easy to trust he and a Pelicans could finish a 17-game winning streak. And if they don’t? The rest of Dec is a crucible for a Warriors.

They’ll face a Rockets — maybe Dwight Howard will be behind — on Dec. 10 and afterwards go on a highway for to face a Mavs, Pelicans and Grizzlies in a four-night span. They’ll collect adult a detriment somewhere in there.

This could all be valid indecisive if a Suns kick a Warriors on Sunday night, though make no mistake about it, a W’s arriving report has all a makings for an ancestral start.

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