Will Apple’s AirPods trip out? Conan O’Brien’s waggish travesty ad offers a view

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We already know utterly a lot about Apple’s much-anticipated AirPods, a company’s entrance wireless earphones designed generally for a initial ever jack-less iPhone.

We know they resemble tiny showering heads, or maybe a span of rather attractive earrings; we know they incorporate twin visual sensors so they can automatically pause and play music; we know they come with twin microphones and a battery that should keep them powered for adult to 5 hours on a singular charge; and we know they’ll dull a wallet of $159 should we confirm they’re a ideal fit for a glossy new iPhone 7.

What we don’t know, however, is either they’ll keep slipping out of a ears.

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Costing as most as they do, a prodigy of one of a earpieces slipping from a ear is expected to be as frightful as it is annoying. Conan O’Brien, evidently wakeful of such concerns, this week came adult with an comical travesty ad (above) that draws a impulse from those classical Apple commercials promote around 10 years ago. O’Brien clearly believes a AirPods are set to turn a genuine money-spinner for a Cupertino association – so prolonged as people keep losing them.

Questioned on a blazing emanate during an coming on Good Morning America this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted that adult to now, when perplexing out a AirPods, they’ve not once forsaken out.

“I’ve been on treadmills, walking, doing all a things we routinely do … and we have  never privately had one tumble out” Cook said, adding that “snipping a wires” indeed creates them some-more secure than connected alternatives as they don’t get held on things or slip out by their possess weight.

The iPhone 7 launches today, though we won’t find out how secure a AirPods are compartment a finish of subsequent month, that is when they go on sale.

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