Wife of Alan Henning, Briton hold by Islamic State, pleads for his release

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MANCHESTER (Reuters) – Alan Henning, a proffer British support workman being hold by Islamic State (IS) militants, should be expelled unharmed, his mother pronounced in a matter expelled a week after his captors threatened to murder him.

Henning, 47, was partial of an support procession holding medical reserve to a sanatorium in northwest Syria in Dec final year when it was stopped by gunmen and he was abducted.

He seemed in a video expelled by IS final week, that showed a murder of another Briton, David Haines. In it, a masked male pronounced Henning would also be killed if British Prime Minister David Cameron kept ancillary a quarrel opposite IS.

“Alan is a peaceful, unselfish man,” his mother Barbara pronounced in a matter expelled around Britain’s Foreign Office late on Saturday.

“When he was taken he was pushing an ambulance full of food and H2O to be handed out to anyone in need. His purpose for being there was no some-more and no less.”

Last week, Muslim groups opposite Britain, including some organizations that are rarely vicious of British unfamiliar process and censure Western division for fanning a new predicament in Iraq and Syria, called for Henning’s release.

“I can't see how it could support any state’s means to concede a universe to see a male like Alan dying,” his mother said, observant she had attempted to hit his captors though perceived no response.

“I urge that a people holding Alan respond to my messages and hit me before it is too late … we petition a people of a Islamic State to see it in their hearts to recover my husband.”

(Reporting by Kylie MacLellan; Editing by Andrew Osborn)

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