Why didn’t anyone strengthen Cam Newton on Thursday night?

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“It’s not fun removing strike in a head,” Cam Newton pronounced after Thursday’s game. (Associated Press)

DENVER—Cam Newton engrossed one differing strike after another from Denver Broncos defenders Thursday night during a NFL’s season-opening game, some of them of a helmet-to-helmet variety.

And many no one came to a assist of a Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning joining many profitable player.

His teammates unsuccessful to retard for him sufficient in a second half.

The officials didn’t chuck many chastisement flags on his behalf.

And, by Newton’s account, he did not bear tests for a intensity concussion until after a game.

“I usually know tonight it was a unequivocally earthy game,” Newton pronounced following a Broncos’ 21-20 feat in a Super Bowl rematch. “I do know that, on both sides. we try to advise a refs each time we do get strike in a head. But if a flag’s not called, afterwards it’s okay. We usually have to find ways to pierce a round and not stay so low for so prolonged durations of time.

“The invulnerability gave us good opportunities. We go adult during halftime, come behind with a football. We’ve got to find ways to put points adult usually to keep vigour on those guys. We played in a antagonistic sourroundings where we were usually one play away. … The confidence of it all [is] it’s usually a initial diversion of a year. We’ve still got 15 to go. We’re gonna go back, get mended adult and be prepared for a subsequent opponent.”

Newton is big, stout and tough. He and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger are a dual NFL quarterbacks who can be scrupulously described as personification a diversion in linebacker-like fashion. But that doesn’t meant that anyone should be subjected to what Newton endured Thursday night.

The Panthers did a good first-half pursuit of defence Newton, maybe carrying schooled their lessons from a Super Bowl. Newton was not sacked during a initial half in that Carolina crafted a 17-7 lead.

But a Denver pass rushers got to Newton frequently in a second half. Newton was sacked 3 times and strike tough on other occasions. A quite imperishable strike by Broncos reserve Darian Stewart was penalized during Carolina’s final drive, nonetheless Newton also was called for conscious education on a play and a penalties offset.

NFL manners are designed to strengthen quarterbacks from being strike in a conduct while delivering a pass. But several other helmet-to-helmet hits on Newton were not penalized. Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall left his feet to broach a helmet-to-helmet strike on Newton on one play. The usually chastisement called on that play was a face-masking personal tainted opposite Carolina core Ryan Kalil.

“It’s not my pursuit to doubt a officials,” Newton said. “I unequivocally like this officiating crew. It wasn’t something that we know they did intentionally. But it’s not fun removing strike in a head. We didn’t remove a diversion off that. we know that for a fact. We’ve usually got to find ways to put some-more drives together.”

Newton seemed tighten to exiting a diversion during one indicate in a third quarter. But he pronounced following that he never doubted his ability to continue playing.

“I consider it was a unequivocally earthy game,” Newton said. “We all have jobs to do, including a refs. We have to do a pursuit improved and find ways to win football games.”

Newton was pulpy on because he wasn’t station adult for himself by his postgame comments when it seemed to many observers that not adequate had been finished to scrupulously strengthen him.

“If that’s a case, that’s a case,” he said. “But it is what it is. It’s not gonna make a disproportion now.”

The NFL pronounced in a created matter released Friday morning that medical experts on palm Thursday night evaluated a conditions and motionless there “were no indications of a concussion” warranting serve contrast or Newton’s dismissal from a game.

“There was communication between medical crew on a Carolina sideline, including a eccentric neurotrauma consultant, and a dual eccentric approved jaunty tutor spotters in a booth,” a league’s matter said. “During blocking in play while on-field officials were in a routine of administrating penalties, a eccentric neurotrauma consultant and group medicine requested video from a spotters and reviewed a play. They resolved there were no indications of a concussion that would need serve analysis and a dismissal of a actor from a game.”

But a emanate was raised, during least, during Newton’s postgame news conference. He was asked by reporters if he’d undergone concussion contrast Thursday.

“They asked me a integrate questions,” Newton said, “but zero too serious.”

Those questions were asked after a game, Newton said.

Newton, for his part, seemed some-more focused on a outcome of a game.

“I feel [bad],” Newton said, indeed regulating a distant some-more detailed expletive. “That’s what we do feel. we usually don’t like to lose. we know we guys [reporters] are expecting it so most and I’m perplexing my best to keep it together. But we knew that this was gonna happen, we know, generally from a media standpoint, meaningful that: How will Cam conflict to a media?

“The law of a matter is, a Denver Broncos are a fortifying champs for a reason. We came in and had an event to put them away, and we didn’t. Coach [Ron] Rivera always says when we play usually good enough, we play usually good adequate to get beat, too.”


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