Why Apple Watch Will Be a Category Killer

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The one doubt on everyone’s mind when Apple (AAPL) launches a long-awaited Watch in a integrate of months is will it be a difficulty killer? I’m going on record observant it will be, as we did, some-more or less, when iPhone and iPad launched. But this time it’s different.

You see, we go so distant behind to a early days of computers, PCs, tablets, dungeon phones, even wearables, that after all these years we arrange of pattern to get it right. It’s a source of honour with me. The problem is that emotions cloud logic. That’s never a good thing.

Also we was still mostly a Windows PC man behind then. I’m flattering low into a Apple ecosystem now and that’s got me a small worried. I’m endangered that we competence not be as pattern as we used to be.

Who am we kidding? This is an opinion column. Commentary. It’s not my pursuit to news on facts. It’s my pursuit to tell we what we think. Don’t get me wrong; we can be objective. Just not here.

Actually, I’ll let we in on a small secret. we do so most like being right that we doubt I’d ever let anything get in a approach of that. Also I’m a flattering logical, grounded, left-brain arrange of guy. And when it comes to this category, it doesn’t unequivocally matter whose height you’re into given nobody’s indeed got an Apple Watch.

So instead of guessing during that facilities or apps competence spin out to be a ones that make this a contingency have gadget, let me give we a proof behind given we consider it’s going to be a difficulty killer. You competence not determine with it, though during slightest we know a proclivity behind it. we like to be right. So far, that’s worked out flattering good (fingers crossed).  

It’s too vicious not to be

Wait, we know what you’re thinking: that’s a lamest forgive for a reason you’ve ever heard. Well it’s not and I’ll tell we why. You’ve got to know a mindset of guys like Apple CEO Tim Cook and pattern guru Jony Ive. These guys adore Apple. They live, eat and breathe Apple. And they’re very, unequivocally good during what they do.

And trust me when we tell you, they are unequivocally most wakeful of how most is resting on their shoulders and roving on this sold product. They know — and when we contend know, we meant they know so low down underneath a layers of gray matter that they dream about it — that this is a initial new from a belligerent adult device though Steve Jobs.

Remember what happened a final time investors got concerned about possibly a association mislaid a creation mojo when it mislaid Jobs? Apple mislaid a few hundreds billion dollars of marketplace cap, that’s what. They do not wish to see that occur again, not on their watch (no joke intended).

Besides, dual years ago Cook concluded to pledge adult to a third of his stock-based remuneration if Apple underperforms relations to a rest of a SP 500 over an eight-year period. In other words, a guy’s got some-more than $100 million during stake. Bet we forgot about that. 

There is simply too most on a line for them to screw it up.  

It’s a pivotal differentiator to expostulate iPhone sales

Analysts and pundits are all introspective possibly a preference to fasten a Watch to a iPhone was a intelligent one or not. They don’t get given Apple would extent a aim marketplace to only a fragment of smartphone users. They consider it’s a missed event to sell Watch to Android users.

Well, they’ve got it wrong. They’ve indeed got it backwards. Think about it. The climax valuables of a Apple dominion is a iPhone. That’s where Apple derives a infancy of a income and profits. That’s a core of Apple’s ecosystem (no embellishment intended, either).

Selling Watch to Droid users isn’t scarcely as vicious as regulating it as attract to attract competitors to iPhone and iOS. Apple’s idea is to get Droid users to iSwitch. And if a Watch’s creation is distant adequate forward of a foe that it takes a year or so for Samsung to counterpart a features, that’s a intensity king’s release in marketplace share gains.

Granted, a device still has to broach a goods. We’ll get to that in a minute.  

The Apple ecosystem has vicious mass

In 2001 a Apple ecosystem consisted of iTunes. Today it also includes HomeKit, HealthKit, Car Play, Apple Pay, App Store, and now, WatchKit. Droid competence have some-more marketplace share though iOS is a premier height with a top peculiarity apps and developers that paint an huge flywheel that’s picking adult speed.  

There are so many “smart” movements stirring it isn’t funny: home automation, health and aptness monitoring, mobile payments, temperament authentication, intelligent cars, intelligent wearables, and of march a long-awaited Web-TV convergence. There’s even a partnership between Apple and IBM deploying straight apps into a enterprise. 

That means developers will group to a Apple Watch and that means prohibited apps, momentum, and marketplace share. 

The destiny is hands-free

I don’t consider anyone can envision Watch’s torpedo app or apps or that facilities competence make it a must-have product, though we do know a hands-free device is unfailing to be a large partial of your life and cave given life is improved with dual hands than one, elementary as that.

Success in this difficulty is unequivocally a doubt of entrance adult with a typically (for Apple) iconic blank slate device with an innovative interface, a flawless OS, and powerful, state-of-the-art hardware, and vouchsafing third-party developers do a rest. That’s accurately what Apple did with iPad.

Although nobody’s spent most time with Watch, it positively appears to have those same bases covered, definition it should have a same impact on a nascent wearable market. That’s given we consider it will be a difficulty torpedo and a large differentiator for iPhone and a poignant motorist for Apple’s flourishing platform.  

If that’s a convincing argument, and we consider it is, afterwards it’s a initial given it doesn’t name a singular device underline or function. And we mount by that research 100%. We’ll see if I’m right … again.

Steve Tobak is a government consultant, former comparison executive, columnist and author of a arriving book, “Real Leaders Don’t Follow.” Tobak runs Silicon Valley-based Invisor Consulting where he advises executives and business leaders on vital matters. Contact Tobak. Follow him on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn

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