Who’s a Real a Southern Belle? Washington D.C. vs. Baltimore

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Who's a Real a Southern Belle? Washington D.C. vs. Baltimore

Each week, Yahoo Travel pits opposition cities opposite any other to establish once and for all that end is a best. This week, we take on dual mid-Atlantic capitals — Washington D.C. and Baltimore.


 D.C. skyline

The D.C. skyline (Photo: Getty Images)

For politicos, D.C. might be a wasp’s nest of conniving competitors. But for locals and visitors, a collateral city is a Mecca for tellurian humanities and culture, with one of a many sizzling culinary scenes on a East Coast. Thanks to a federally saved Smithsonian, a world’s largest collection of museums lines a grassy mall in downtown D.C. — that means there are a gazillion fascinating exhibitions function on any given day, and roughly all are giveaway of charge. D.C. foodies have a lot to penetrate their teeth into, as new chef-driven concepts, including José Andrés’ Minibar, have cropped adult in droves on a 14th Street mezzanine and other smart rows in new years. Bonus: There’s an easy approach to leave D.C.’s appalling trade in a dirt — squeeze a float from a dilemma bike share shelve and get to peddling.

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First Family

The First Family, gripping it genuine (Photo: The White House/Flickr)

Population: 646,449

Famous Faces: As prolonged as that bumbling white palace sits on Pennsylvania Avenue, D.C. will always be home to a country’s biggest celeb: a President. 

Metrorail station

A Metrorail station (Photo: Mark Fischer/Flickr)

How to Get Around: While Baltimorians bewail their city’s miss of open transportation, D.C. is home to a labyrinthine Metrorail transport system, that was stretched in August. Cabs and buses are ever-present, though production around is best finished by bike — a Capital Bikeshare module has sparse over 300 bikes, parked and prepared to roam, around a city. 

St. Elmo’s Fire

A stage from “St. Elmo’s Fire” (Photo: Everett Collection)

Famous Films: Seminal Brat Pack flick, “St. Elmo’s Fire,” uses noble Georgetown as a backdrop; creep-tastic “Silence of a Lambs” filmed a stage during a U.S. Department of Labor; and large domestic intrigues— from “All a President’s Men” to “Patriot Games” and “A Few Good Men” — have prisoner slices of D.C. on celluloid. 

jefferson hotel

The Jefferson Hotel (Photo: Jefferson Hotel)

Haute Hotels: Great hotels in D.C. are as common as T-shirt kiosks on a mall. The swishy Jefferson Hotel, a 95-room boutique hotel, does circa-1700s Federal-style décor — a D.C. hallmark — improved than anyone, patterning a bedrooms after a discerning, heavily-curtained tastes of Thomas Jefferson. The new and complicated Hotel George takes it cues from George Washington; chuck pillows in a bedrooms are gussied adult in mini troops uniforms. The Hay-Adams, a circa-1927 skill that feels like an old-world European mansion, was renovated in 2001 to embody a Top of a Hay, a show-stopping rooftop patio with 360-degree views of a city.

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w hotel dc

POV during a W (Photo: Getty Images)

Watering Holes: D.C.’s imbibers tumble into dual graphic categories: a cocktail set and a splash guzzlers. Custom cocktails and aged scotches order during POV, a glamorous rooftop bar during a W, and a always packaged Barcelona, while brews upsurge openly during stellar dives and song venues like Rock Roll Hotel and Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar.

atlas district washington dc

The Atlas Disctrict (Photo: Caitlin Hull/Flickr)

Hipster ‘Hood: The new revitalization of a far-flung H Street Corridor — a.k.a. a Atlas District — in northeast D.C. has been a bonus for a city’s hipsters (yes, there are a few), as artsy bars and restaurants have popped adult like crazy over a past few years. Not to be missed: Dangerously Delicious Pies and Frenchie café, La Grenier.

Washington Nationals

Rooting on a Washington Nationals (Photo: Scott Ableman/Flickr)

Home Teams: The common passion for a Washington Nationals baseball bar has reached fever-pitch given a organisation changed into a district in 2008. At a time, Orioles owners Peter Angelos famously proclaimed, “There are no ball fans in Washington, D.C. That’s a fiction.” Wrong-o, Bucko.  

Ben’s Chili Bowl

The half fume during Ben’s Chili Bowl (Photo: Stuart Spivak/Flickr)

Signature Nosh: The half fume is a sausage that looks like a prohibited dog though is spicier and incomparable and comprised of coarsely belligerent pig and beef. Get one during a princely Ben’s Chili Bowl or a just-opened Meats Foods.  

Soul Food in D.C.

Soul Food in D.C. (Photo: Adam Fagen/Flickr)

Southern or Not? D.C. is technically a gateway to a north, though during a heart it’s a southern city. Soul and cajun food traditions are recorded by eateries like Art Soul and Ben’s Chili Bowl, and D.C.-specific terminology (see “bama” in anxiety to a “countrified” chairman and “jont” instead of joint) is proudly embraced.

Kogod Courtyard Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture

The Kogod Courtyard in the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture (Photo: NCinDC/Flickr)

Arts Scene: The city’s museums are among a best in a world, though a National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum arise to a tip when it comes to a peculiarity of a permanent collections and innovative new exhibitions. When sought-after exhibitions, demeanour for chain in D.C., they come to the American Art Museum: witness the Irving Penn retrospective, slated to land here subsequent year.




(Photo: Getty Images)

While Washington D.C. offers adult stultifying rush hour trade and a race mostly comprised of stone-faced sovereign employees, circuitously Baltimore has a laid-back race that prizes village and out-of-the-box artsiness. The city’s downtown has seen a race boost of 130 percent given 2000, and many before rough neighborhoods have been remade into cool, walkable enclaves peppered with lovable coffee shops and boutiques. Baltimore is home to a best aquarium on a easterly seashore — Washington’s aquarium sealed final year — and a cache of art galleries and museums that applaud a offbeat and a interesting. But it’s a city’s fixed individualism (a giant, multi-level pagoda beautifies a largest open park) that warranted a city a legitimate nickname: Charm City. 

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director John Waters

Hometown executive John Waters (Photo: Corbis)

Population: 622,104 

Famous Faces: Filmmaker and counter-culture fable John Waters has lived in Baltimore for eons, and once said, “You can demeanour distant and far-reaching though you’ll never learn a foreigner city with such impassioned style. It’s as if any individualist in a south motionless to pierce north, ran out of gas in Baltimore, and motionless to stay.” Novelist Ann Tyler is also a longtime denizen. 

Baltimore travel scene

A travel stage in Baltimore (Photo: Elly Blue/Flickr) 

How to Get Around: The bike paths in and around downtown Baltimore — and by pleasing Patterson Park — are well-maintained and easily sized. For drivers, trade in a city’s core is roughly never too tough to take. And with all a gentrification going on downtown, interconnected with Balt’s digestable dimensions, it’s wholly probable to spend a day walking from end to destination.


Scene from 2007’s Hairspray (Photo: Everett Collection)

Famous Films: John Waters done Baltimore’s then-shambolic neighborhoods famous in his kitschy circa-1988 classical “Hairspray,” that he followed adult with “Cry-Baby.” Baltimore internal Barry Levinson filmed his famous dudes-coming-of-age story, “Diner,” in a Hollywood Diner under Jones Falls Expressway.

Hotel Monaco baltimore

Lobby of a Hotel Monaco (Photo: Kimpton Hotels/Facebook)

Haute Hotels: The hunt for a stylish hotel in Baltimore dead-ends during around dual places — and they’re flattering many right subsequent to any other. Budget unwavering travelers will find copiousness of hotel options in Baltimore. Check out a eco-conscious Inn during a Black Olive, for a comfy stay on a waterfront that doesn’t mangle a bank. A some-more swag-adelic knowledge can be had during a Hotel Monaco, that facilities marble-clad common areas with mountainous ceilings — only a brief wander from a aquarium and a harbor. 

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club charles

Club Charles. (Photo: Seth Sawyers/Flickr)

Watering Holes: The remedy to D.C.’s glossy, soulless nightlife stage is Baltimore’s honestly hip collection of watering holes. Spy on John Waters and friends during Club Charles, a 1940s-themed bar, or conduct over to Federal Hill’s Pub Dog Pizza Drafthouse to do a low dive into qualification beers and a house’s Wing Dog pizza, that is surfaced with buffalo wing sauce-covered chicken, smoked gouda and plantation salad dressing. Yeah, it’s crazy good. If cocktails are your thing, representation a fizzy orange vanquish — an artisanal play on a classical Ocean City bar splash (main ingredients: Sprite and O.J.) — during a glorious Fleet Street Kitchen, that sources many of a mixture locally.

Hampden area baltimore

Strolling around Hampden (Photo: Getty Images)

Hipster ‘Hood: Former operative category neighborhood, Hampden, has been colonized by hipsters in new years, and a quirky establishments have followed. To see: selected conform and accessories emporium Hunting Ground and artsy housewares boutique Trohv


The Orioles mascot (Photo: Getty Images)

Home Teams: D.C. might have a possess bar now, though a Orioles are a strange ball dynasty in a Washington-Baltimore mezzanine — and still a best. Catching a diversion during a retro-fabulous Oriole Park during Camden Yards conjures levels of rashness many ordinarily gifted by 5-year-olds holding whirls of string candy.

crab cake baltimore

Faidley’s famous pile crab cake from J.W. Faidley Seafood (Photo: jpellgen/Flickr)

Signature Nosh: Welcome to a cult of Old Bay seasoning. Crabbing for Maryland Blue crabs, and picking any final bit of beef out of steamed crabs over a disorderly list with a organisation of friends, is a approach of life in Baltimore. Crab cakes? A citywide obsession. 

hon cafeteria baltimore

At a Hon Cafe (Photo: Lindsay Filz/Flickr)

Southern or Not?: So-called “Hon” enlightenment in Baltimore is equal tools operative category pride, Southern kitsch, and John Waters kookiness. “Hon” — as in “Welcome to Bawlmore, Hon” in a internal dialect, dubbed Bawlmorese — pays loyalty to working-class Baltimorians from racial backgrounds who might or might not wear a beehive, bejeweled cat’s eye glasses, and skin-tight leopard pants. Café Hon celebrates a thought (and word), and a annual HonFest, a week-long area festival that covers 4 city blocks in Hampden. 

Baltimore Love Project

Baltimore Love Project: city-funded graffiti installatio from artist Steven “ESPO” Powers (Photo: Stephen Powers/Tumblr)

Arts Scene: Outside of D.C.’s Smithsonian institutions, a city’s humanities stage is probably nonexistent. Baltimore, in contrast, is home to a collection of fascinating and fun galleries and museums, including a American Visionary Art Museum, that facilities a 15-foot papier-mâché Divine sculpture, in loyalty to John Waters’ extreme heroine. The city also embraces extraordinary travel art; it recently saved graffiti artist Steven Powers’ ongoing Baltimore Love Project, that has so distant seen blocks of decayed buildings ornately tagged with messages including “I’m here since it’s home.”

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