Where to sell your aged iPhone: A extensive guide

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As iPhone 6 pre-order mania continues, a flourishing series of people are looking for ways to get absolved of their aged iPhone, preferably for some income to use to buy a new version.

There is a burgeoning marketplace for purchasing aged Apple gear, from normal outlets like Gazelle and eBay, to diversion stores like GameSpot, retailers like Best Buy and now even a wireless carriers and Apple itself. Here is a list of a few places that are looking to buy your aged phone as good as how many they’re peaceful to compensate for it.


One of a biggest new trade-in options for a iPhone 6 is a conduit stores. As foe continues to boost from a likes of T-Mobile and Sprint, all 4 vital carriers have announced trade in programs to buy behind your aged phone in sell for income toward a new one (preferably on a new dual year agreement that keeps we regulating their service).

Verizon and ATT are charity business a smallest credit of $300 toward an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus when they trade-in an iPhone 5s, and a smallest of $200 trade-in credit for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c so prolonged as a inclination are in “good and operative condition.” Verizon requires that we contention your ask by Sep 30.

Sprint, that is charity a new iPhone devise to go along with a new device, will be charity credit of during slightest $200 when users trade in an iPhone during its site and enter a promo formula “iPhone6.”

T-Mobile for a partial promises to kick any offer done by a opposition conduit and compensate a disproportion in a offer behind to a customer. The association will also give a patron an additional $50 for spotting a improved deal. To take advantage of T-Mobile’s we initial need to trade in your device. If we mark a improved understanding within 7 days after trade in we news that improved understanding during T-Mobile’s site and it will start a routine of matching. T-Mobile’s offer starts on Sep 17 and runs for “a singular time.”

Contributor Jennifer Jolly runs by your options for trade in your aged iPhone.


There are several retailers removing into a trade-in diversion as well, with offers varying formed on a store.

First and inaugural is Apple. Yes, Apple has partnered with trade-in association Brightstar and is prepared to buy your aged iPhone off of we in sell for a good Apple Store present card, that we could afterwards use to buy your subsequent iPhone. Apple accepts iPhones 4 or after and indeed offers some good deals including $310 for a 64GB iPhone 5s. You can do a trade-in online and boat a device to Apple (they’ll afterwards email we a present card) or travel into your internal Apple Store and do it all instantly.

Gamestop, not customarily compared with iPhone trade-ins, will be charity trade-ins for iPhone 4 or later, going adult to $319 in-store credit or $255 income for a 64GB Verizon iPhone 5s. Best Buy is doing a possess trade-in and will offer a $335 present label for a same 64GB Verizon iPhone 5s, while Target will offer a $292.50 present label for a same device. The advantage of a sell choice is that, like Apple, all 3 stores concede we to go into a store to do your trade now instead of doing it online.

Staples, that will sell a new iPhone subsequent week, is also removing into a trade-in craze. Starting Sunday, Staples business can get a smallest of $50 behind when they trade-in a smartphone (a 64GB iPhone 5s in good condition can get adult to $255). The association also has partnered with Verizon to give Verizon business who trade in their aged iPhone and pointer a new two-year agreement a Staples present label value $200, that can in spin be used to buy a new iPhone 6 that starts during $199.

Other retailers charity trade-ins embody Amazon, that will offer adult to a $400 present label for a 64 GB iPhone 5s. Amazon also allows we to “lock in” your cost for a subsequent 45 days (Target gives 30 days), shopping we some time before we need to send in your phone. Given that a iPhone 6 pre-orders are going quickly, locking-in your cost now can be helpful.


There are several sites online that concentration on offered your phone including Gazelle and eBay. Gazelle is charity adult to $315 for an iPhone 5s in “flawless condition” and, identical to Amazon, offers we a event to “lock-in” your trade price, yet it will usually give we 30 days. eBay now seems to be a place to go for offered your iPhone, with a 16GB iPhone 5s going for $339 on normal and a 64GB iPhone 5s offered for $440. Of march eBay is an auction site so your cost might vary, yet a association is guaranteeing a $100 banking if we put your device (iPhone 4 or later) adult for auction and it doesn’t sell after a smallest inventory date of 5 days. Gazelle and eBay will also compensate some-more if your device is unlocked.

Another choice is of march Craigslist, yet in this conditions we are assembly a customer in person. While this track might get we a many income it does lift some risk. If we do this make certain we accommodate your customer in a open place like a coffee residence or some other really open setting.


As we can see there are a series of options for where we can get absolved of your aged phone. The cost for your sold device will change depending on a series of factors, many importantly a condition it’s in. The links above will beam we by that site’s analysis routine and it’s best to demeanour by several of these options to see that one creates clarity for you.

One thing that’s constant: if we are trade in your phone also make certain to behind it adult first. You can behind it adult by plugging in to iTunes or syncing with iCloud. After we do that go to your iPhone’s Settings, followed by “General,” “Reset” (it’s during a bottom of a list in a “General” tab), and “Erase all calm and settings.” This will safeguard that all your information is safely off a iPhone before we give it away. It is also compulsory by several of a trade-in sites as it removes a “find my iPhone feature” that would have differently done a device worthless.

Good fitness and happy trading.

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