Where Tim Kaine And Hillary Clinton Stand On Key Issues

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Democratic Presidential claimant Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine giggle during a discuss convene in Annandale, Virginia, on Jul 14.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Democratic Presidential claimant Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine giggle during a discuss convene in Annandale, Virginia, on Jul 14.

Democratic Presidential claimant Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine giggle during a discuss convene in Annandale, Virginia, on Jul 14.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton has selected Tim Kaine to be her clamp presidential using mate. The Virginia senator has been an inaugurated central — including mayor, administrator and senator — for over 20 years and was once a management of a Democratic National Committee. He was also on President Obama’s shortlist of using friends in 2008.

Kaine could be deliberate a normal collect for Clinton, given that he is a domestic maestro from what is deliberate a battleground state, nonetheless it leans toward Democrats.

When it comes to a issues, Kaine and Clinton determine on a lot, nonetheless some on a left have criticized Clinton’s collect as not on-going adequate and too identical to her on too many fronts.

Here’s where Kaine and Clinton mount on some pivotal issues:

They Disagreed On Trade

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free-trade agreement between a U.S. and 11 other nations, has gotten a lot of courtesy on a discuss route given a countries concerned reached a accord in Oct and sealed a agreement in February. People who support a understanding contend it will kindle a economies of a participating countries. Critics contend it will pierce U.S. jobs overseas.

In an October PBS NewsHour interview, Clinton pronounced she opposes a Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“I have pronounced from a really commencement that we had to have a trade agreement that would emanate good American jobs, lift salary and allege a inhabitant confidence and we still trust that’s a high bar we have to meet,” Clinton pronounced in October. “I don’t trust [the Trans-Pacific Partnership] is going to accommodate a high bar we have set.”

Kaine upheld a agreement and voted in favor of giving President Obama fast-track management to negotiate a agreement. He has recently altered his position and now echoes Clinton’s sentiment, observant he can’t support TPP in a stream form.

They Agree On Women’s Reproductive Rights

Clinton and Kaine determine on both termination rights and on ancillary Planned Parenthood yet Clinton has been a some-more outspoken, job restrictions to Planned Parenthood “a concerted, determined attack on women’s health opposite a country” in a June Planned Parenthood Action Fund speech.

In a March Fox News city gymnasium debate, Clinton shielded her pro-choice position on abortions:

“Under Roe v. Wade, that is secure in a Constitution, women have this right to make this rarely personal preference with their family, in suitability with their faith, with their doctor,” Clinton said. “It’s not most of a right if it is totally singular and constrained.”

Kaine has called himself a “traditional Catholic,” and has says he opposes termination personally. However, a senator pronounced in a June Meet The Press interview that he doesn’t let his personal beliefs impact his position on a issue. He pronounced he believes a preference of either or not to have an termination shouldn’t be commanded by a government:

“I deeply believe, and not usually as a matter of politics, yet even as a matter of morality, that matters about facsimile and cognisance and relations and contraception are in a personal realm. They’re dignified decisions for people to make for themselves. And a final thing we need is supervision intruding into those personal decisions.”

Both politicians have oral out in support of Planned Parenthood. In a matter after he voted opposite defunding a women’s health classification in Aug 2015, Kaine pronounced that for many women, “Planned Parenthood health centers are their usually source of high peculiarity health care.”

In Clinton’s Jun discuss for a Planned Parenthood Action Fund, she called for an boost in sovereign appropriation to a classification and thanked them for “being there for women no matter their race, passionate course or immigration status.”

They Agree On Gun Control

In this choosing cycle, Hillary Clinton has vehemently called for heightened gun control. She has betrothed to enhance credentials checks, tighten any loopholes to purchasing guns such as those stemming from gun shows or internet sales, and shorten entrance to assault-style weapons. She has pronounced she would mount adult to a National Rifle Association as president.

Clinton hasn’t always been so outspoken on a issue. When she ran opposite then-Senator Obama in a 2008 Democratic primaries, she attempted to interest to supporters of gun rights by “fondly recalling that she had schooled to fire as a child,” according to a Chicago Tribune.

But she has been a longtime gun control advocate, ancillary a 1993 Brady Bill that mandated sovereign credentials checks and watchful durations on gun sales. She also supported gun control measures during her 2000 Senate run.

Kaine has also been clever on gun control. That might be due to his laxity with a issue: Kaine — and his views on gun control — were bearing into a spotlight while we was Virginia’s administrator in 2007. That year, a shooter killed 32 people during Virginia Tech before murdering himself, creation it one of a deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

Kaine was in Japan during a time and flew behind early to transport to a university. Last Month, when Democrats hold a Senate building for 15 hours to coax movement on gun control legislation, he spoke of his knowledge in a issue of a shooting:

“That was a misfortune day of my life, and it will always be a misfortune day of my life — comforting a families of a victims, articulate to a initial responders who went into a classroom where bodies dirty a building and who listened in a pockets of defunct students and professors dungeon phones toll as relatives who had seen it on a news were job their kids, usually meaningful they were during Virginia Tech to ask them if they were all right — calls that would never be answered.”

During that speech, Kaine shielded a Second Amendment. He has pronounced he is a gun owners himself, yet according to a matter on his website, he supports “common clarity legislation” to enhance credentials checks, shorten assault-style weapons and enhance mental health services.

They Disagree On The Authorization of Military Force

Clinton is famously suspicion of as “hawkish.” She pushed for infantry involvement in Libya and corroborated President George W. Bush’s preference to invade Iraq in 2003.

During a November discuss on CBS, when asked either she would announce quarrel on ISIS, Clinton pronounced a U.S. already has “an authorisation to use infantry force opposite terrorists. We upheld it after 9/11.” When asked if that covers ISIS, she added, “It positively does cover it.”

That’s not utterly right: as NPR has reported, a strange law sanctioning infantry force was sealed in 2001 and gave a boss a energy to use force opposite groups that aided a Sep 11 attacks, not simply terrorists.

And that’s where Clinton and Kaine seem to disagree. Kaine says a boss is not already certified to use force, observant ISIS does not tumble underneath a strange authorization. He has pushed a Obama administration to get re-authorization from Congress in a quarrel opposite a militant group.

A new authorisation has not been reissued to embody ISIS and Kaine has argued that until that happens, Obama’s ISIS discuss is unconstitutional. In Sep 2014, Kaine, who has a son in a Marines, called on Obama to find authorisation on a Senate floor:

“During a time of war, we ask a infantry to give their best even to a indicate of sacrificing their possess lives. When compared opposite that, how most of a scapegoat is it for a President to rivet in a presumably quarrelsome discuss with Congress about either infantry movement is a good idea? How most of a scapegoat is it for a member of Congress to discuss and opinion about either infantry movement is a good idea? While Congressional members face a domestic costs of discuss on infantry action, a use members bear a tellurian costs of those decisions. And if we select to equivocate debate, equivocate accountability, equivocate a tough preference how can we direct that a infantry frankly scapegoat their really lives?”

They Agree On Education Reform

Education is another area in that Clinton and Kaine used to remonstrate and are now aligned.

When Clinton was a New York senator, she helped breeze a No Child Left Behind act, that directed during upping tyro achievement. She voted in preference of a act in 2001. By 2008, though, Clinton was critical of NCLB and has said she supports a replacement, a 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act, that she pronounced has a “better change on testing.”

Kaine was vicious of NCLB progressing on. In response to President Bush’s 2006 State Of The Union address, Kaine, a administrator during a time, pronounced a preparation act was “wreaking massacre on internal propagandize districts.” He has criticized a check for carrying unintended consequences, like a concentration on high-stakes testing. The new act includes supplies created by Kaine that focused on compelling career and technical education.

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