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ATLANTA — Forget what we consider we know about production jobs. Factories now have a new look.

“Robotics, automation, pieces of engineering, module integration,” pronounced Matt Mead, Human Resources Director forSiemens‘ Drive Technologies plant in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Yet, in many cases, a perceptions of factories are different.

“When we speak to people about this, they say, we don’t wish to work in a factory, for God’s sake,” pronounced Vice President, Joe Biden, during an talk about U.S. jobs.

The past tarnish of production jobs as unwashed and unattractive still lingers, though good jobs in production are in need of workers.

“The law is, right now, if you’re peaceful to learn how to weld, and work, we can go to North Dakota and we can be creation 6 total within a year,” pronounced Mike Rowe, Television Host for a Discovery Channel Series, “Dirty Jobs”.

“What is cold again is a lot of a jobs are flattering cool. A lot of these jobs are high tech,” pronounced Biden.

But, U. S. factories are struggling to fill their help-wanted ads for half a million modernized production jobs partly since high propagandize graduates have increasingly shied divided from them.

Some companies are perplexing to change that perception.

“We have a bureau and we built a schoolhouse inside a factory,” pronounced Stu Thorn, President and CEO of Southwire, a nation’s largest handle and wire manufacturer and located in west Georgia.

Seven years ago, Southwire built a 32, 850 sq. ft. trickery inCarrollton, Georgia. It became so successful, the association also combined a 30,000 sq. ft. trickery inFlorence, Alabama.

The module is a approach to attract students while still in high propagandize and to keep some-more at-risk teenagers operative toward a diploma and it’s called “12 for Life” for an critical reason.

“12 for Life” means if we finish 12 years of school, you’re going to have a improved life,” pronounced Thorn.

“We run this plant only like any of a other plants, basically, though we do it with high propagandize students,” pronounced Blair Parker, Operations Manager for Southwire.

All 300 teenagers in a module are identified by schools officials as expected to dump out.

“I had a child when we was 17 and my mom upheld divided shortly before,” pronounced Megan Persini, 18.

“My mom’s on disability,” pronounced Jeliegha Lester, 17.

The students get their educational categorical courses with a large side sequence of work skills and, best of all, they get paid.

“New hires are lerned and means to go, customarily within a week, they can go from $8 to $9 an hour,” pronounced Douglas Wright, 12 for Life Coordinator to Carroll County Schools.

Southwire partners with internal propagandize districts and it is among a flourishing series of companies national directed during re-wiring a bureau picture to attract immature workers.

“There are about a thousand ways to get training. Community colleges have programs. For-profit trade schools have programs,” pronounced Rowe.

“There’s still copiousness of event within a company, and in America some-more generally, for high propagandize graduates to come true out of high propagandize and into a workforce,” pronounced Thorn.

But, for decades, a pull has been removing everybody into 4 year colleges, and according to Rowe, that had harm a altogether pursuit market.

“(There was) a undo between a skills that we value, a summary that we send vis-a-vis education. The approach we report what a good pursuit is and that’s only caused all kinds of problems,” pronounced Rowe.

Some students in a Southwire module comprehend there is value in changing their approach of meditative about what constitutes a good pursuit and what it takes to get one.

“Being here (at Southwire) has shown me that operative for something is value a whole lot some-more than only carrying it handed to you,” pronounced Tristan Mashburn, 18, a Heard County Schools system.

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