When US process (on a Kurds) emulates art: Kani Xulam (opinion)

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During a new Senate hearings to endorse Anthony John Blinken as U.S. emissary secretary of state, a onetime contributor for The New Republic gave a full-throttle invulnerability of President Barack Obama’s unfamiliar policy, trimming from China to Ukraine, and from ISIL to Ebola. 

Just as we suspicion zero would ever warn me in American politics, Mr. Blinken did — by comparing America’s purpose in a universe to that of George Bailey, a impression in a 1946 movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The film highlights a accessible and honest Mr. Bailey, forced to quarrel a inhuman and greedy Henry Potter to save his hometown of Bedford Falls from Mr. Potter’s bloody greed.

In a movie, Mr. Bailey finally wins out. 

In genuine life, a good guys don’t always win — only demeanour during the Kurds in Kobane who are still mired in an existential fight opposite ISIS terrorists.

It a movie, Mr. Bailey, confronting incriminating bankruptcy, wishes he had never been innate and starts to burst into an icy stream to finish it all.

Before he leaps, his defender angel, Clarence Odbody, jumps in, sanctimonious he can’t swim, call Mr. Bailey to forget his troubles and rescue Clarence.

Clarence shows Mr. Bailey a good he has finished by vouchsafing him see what his city would be like if he had never been innate — renamed “Pottersville” given of Mr. Potter’s greed.

Is America unequivocally guided by a “upright” and “friendly” beliefs that directed George Bailey?

I can’t pronounce for others, given Kurds are my preoccupation, though we would like to set a record true on Uncle Sam’s interactions with us.

George Bailey’s defender angel told him: “No male is a disaster who has friends.”

To me, law is a foundational retard of trust and trust is a quintessential part of friendship.

The Kurds have easily offering both, mostly gratis, to Americans — though what have they gotten in return?

In Iraq, we are urged to “work out” a differences with those in Baghdad, with a “help” of those in Mosul whom President Obama has compared to a “wolf during a door!”

Heaven and angels have really small to do with such “help” — and those who consider so have their directions confused.

In Mr. Bailey’s good-guys-eventually-win world, Kurds and Kurdistan would naturally conflict Arab Iraq, only as Bedford Falls resisted Pottersville.

In adjacent Syria, in a “good-guys” world, a Americans would have immediately aided a Kurds in besieged Kobane — instead of “respecting” a Pottersville prejudices of Turks for 34 days.

The objective, Mr. Blinken has said, “is to disrupt, degrade, and eventually better ISIL so that it no longer poses a hazard to Iraq or to Syria …”

Iraq and Syria? Is it his pursuit to keep them intact? Does he know what a disenfranchised Sunni Arabs in both countries want? Has he checked on a abused Kurdish race there?

Someone should wheeze into Mr. Blinken’s ear that balkanized Yugoslavia is created all over Iraq and Syria, and it looks like a latter will disintegrate before a first, notwithstanding his wishes and projections.

Perhaps George Bailey’s defender angel, Clarence, could dump Mr. Blinken into Washington’s icy Potomac River, and reorient his meditative while rescuing him.

In a movie, Clarence gave Mr. Bailey a duplicate of a book “Tom Sawyer.”

If he gave Mr. Blinken one, what would it be?

I would advise a autobiography of “Bismarck” by A. J. P. Taylor.

One ideal thoroughfare for Mr. Blinken is a initial chancellor’s already-tested regard that Europe will “never” know assent compartment she finds a approach to “sort out a nationalities.”

This purposeful regard from a Old Man of Prussia really relates to a Middle East, where in further to a managed Kurdish-Arab “sorting-out,” one could supplement a subdivision of Sunni Arabs from a Shiite ones for a consequence of Mr. Bailey.

Will Mr. Blinken get on a right side of story and do a bidding?

He can — and we wish will — turn a dear “Clarence of Kurdistan,” and supplement to a deficient work of Lawrence of Arabia, a liberator of Arabs a century ago.

Kani Xulam is executive of a Washington-based American Kurdish Information Network, that says it seeks to foster Kurdish-American understanding and friendship.

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