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WhatsApp has suggested that it’s ditching a $1 yearly subscription price in a entrance weeks, according to owner Jan Koum, who done a proclamation during DLD in Munich, Germany.

Acquired by Facebook for around $22 billion dual years back, WhatsApp upheld a 900 monthly active user (MAU) mark behind in September. While some were endangered that Facebook would find to monetize WhatsApp by promotion or other means, there was no transparent pointer of where Facebook was streamer with a messaging app in terms of monetization. Indeed, WhatsApp has continued with a same business indication it’s had given a pregnancy — giveaway for a initial year, afterwards a dollar any year thereafter.

However, according to Koum, this business indication “really doesn’t work for some people.” He remarkable that some people don’t have credit cards, for example, while it’s also value observant there are other messaging apps — such as Facebook Messenger, that passed 800 million MAUs this month — that are giveaway to use.

Instead, Koum says a association will examination with a monetization opportunities to be found joining companies with their customers. While he certified WhatsApp hasn’t unequivocally staid on a final devise yet, and has nonetheless to write a singular line of formula for a new project, it seems that a association is meddlesome in assisting large businesses use WhatsApp to control patron use — and maybe even exchange — with consumers. In short, WhatsApp will be rising accounts privately for businesses.

In effect, WhatsApp is apropos a platform, and by a sound of things, roughly matching to Facebook Messenger, that is also relocating toward apropos a platform. Facebook Messenger separated a need for a Facebook comment final year, vouchsafing those on mobile pointer adult with usually their phone series — accurately as they can with WhatsApp. There are some pivotal differences between Facebook’s dual messaging services, nonetheless — for example, Facebook Messenger is built on Facebook’s amicable graph and, well, WhatsApp isn’t.

In a separate blog post announcing a news, WhatsApp gave some examples of how it envisages a app being used in a future.

“Starting this year, we will exam collection that concede we to use WhatsApp to promulgate with businesses and organizations that we wish to hear from. That could meant communicating with your bank about either a new transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a behind flight. We all get these messages elsewhere currently – by content messages and phone calls – so we wish to exam new collection to make this easier to do on WhatsApp, while still giving we an knowledge though third-party ads and spam.”

There were rumors currently that WhatsApp was set to make an proclamation during DLD, and a intelligent income would have been on it flitting one billion MAU, though it seems a association has nonetheless to strech that milestone. Indeed, in a blog post, a association refers to  “nearly a billion people” who use a app. But behind in 2014, Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg suggested that it’s usually unequivocally inestimable perplexing to monetize users after a business reaches a billion people. He said:

“This might sound a small absurd to say, though for us, products don’t unequivocally get that engaging to spin into businesses until they have about 1 billion people regulating them.”

Now that WhatsApp is hovering around a billion MAU mark, it seems Facebook is starting to demeanour during ways to make income from it. As a side point, by a finish of 2016, it’s probable that Facebook will possess dual messaging apps with around one billion monthly users each, that is phenomenal. It also goes some approach toward justifying a $22 billion it paid for WhatsApp in 2014.

Ditching a dollar price will mislay any remaining attrition for those who have hitherto been incompetent to use WhatsApp. And during a same time, Facebook has usually given us a glance of how it skeleton to make income from a messaging app.

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