What would occur if a Cubs indeed won a World Series?

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The Chicago Cubs are 11 wins divided from a team’s initial World Series pretension in 108 years.

And since can’t they win those 11 games? The Cubs have a best register and form streamer into Friday’s Game 1 of their National League Division Series matchup with a San Francisco Giants during Wrigley Field.

There’s a lot of crazy, extraordinary things that can occur between now and a clinching diversion of a World Series, and there’s positively no pledge a Cubs will even win a diversion in a postseason.

The weight of a century-plus of disaster hasn’t changed on Chicago’s large shoulders.

But for a initial time in a prolonged time, there’s faith that weight could be changed — a self-evident “next year” competence not be this year, though it’s not distant behind it, either. It’s going to happen.

After Game 1, FS1 will atmosphere “Confessions of a Cubs Fan,” a documentary that chronicles a story of pang and explores a psychology of Cubs fanhood in these weird (see: winning) times.

One doubt a documentary poses is as elementary as it is confounding: What would occur if a Cubs — a group that is most synonymous with losing — won?


Forget a jubilee in Wrigleyville that lasts dual weeks true and a march down State Street that’ll make a Bulls and Blackhawks’ championship parades demeanour like suburban legislature meetings.

Losing is partial of a core temperament of a Cubs and frankly, partial of a allure of being a Cubs fan is being partial of that suffering. There’s something masochistic about it all from a outsider’s perspective, though self-torture, even in a many nonessential realms, is a Chicago trademark.

Why? Because there’s a bond in misery. (If usually there was a catchier observant for that …)

It’s tantric. The longer we suffer, a some-more cathartic a jubilee will be.

But all celebrations end.


Chicagoans (and non-Chicagoans) spin Cubs fans for hundreds of reasons. In a final dual decades, Sammy Sosa’s home run follow left me as a usually Frank Thomas fan during a lunch list and a enchanting run (and comfortless end) to a 2003 deteriorate put a lot some-more people in blue hats. There have been spurts of success given that have kept fans engaged, though a Theo Epstein, Joe Maddon epoch brought on another truckload of converts.

All will have to shove with a same question: Will it be as fun to be a Cubs fan after a tightly-wound open is released?

No one can know, since frankly, few have given it critical consideration. Certainly, this essay will bleed comments that such scrutiny is contrast predestine and jinxing a group (a smashing enrich for this poetry though nonetheless an definitely absurd notion).

The best instance to demeanour to for an thought of what competence occur is in Boston, where a Red Sox, with new ownership, a classic-but-updated ballpark, a large payroll and Theo Epstein, pennyless their abuse in 2004 and became one of baseball’s model franchises in a decade that followed.

The World Series win also emboldened maybe a many intolerable fans in American sports to adult their game.

The good story incited dark.


Perhaps Cubs fans can equivocate that same fate. Perhaps they’ll stay friendly even when they’re not losers.

Or maybe they’ll take a success (and a some-more success that’s expected to come), and make a full heel turn. The social-media driven universe of sports is asocial towards success and a Cubs spin a hateable winners. Perhaps a cruel commercialism pushed by a team’s owners, a Ricketts family, will finally extinguish a sorcery of Wrigley — a quintessential partial of Cubs fandom.

We don’t know, and we can usually wait to find out.

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