What we learned: Aguayo FG caps bizarre win for Bucs

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Embattled rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo shook off a camber of missed margin goals to cavalcade a game-winner from 38 yards out, heading a Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 17-14 victory over a Carolina Panthers in a furious and dumb NFC South showdown Monday night. Here’s what we learned:

1. Going behind to a start of preseason action, a second-round kicker has been anything though predicted — generally not an appealing peculiarity during a pivotal position that averages an 84.5 percent success rate. On a night filled with controversial coaching choices, Dirk Koetter’s preference to set adult a prolonged Aguayo margin idea on third-and-9 with 3:38 remaining was among a many head-scratching. Panthers manager Ron Rivera bailed Koetter out shortly thereafter, display undiscerning faith in his leaky invulnerability by job timeouts during Jameis Winston’s indirect two-minute cavalcade that led to Aguayo’s nail-biting diversion winner.

“I wish we had those other dual back, though in a end, we done a one that counted,” Aguayo told ESPN’s Lisa Salters after a game. “It meant a world.”

Koetter wasn’t as forgiving of his kicker’s apparent certainty issues. “I wasn’t comfortable,” Koetter pronounced of a game-ending scenario. “We couldn’t have gotten tighten enough.”

The final flog of a night might have bought a uncuttable Aguayo a longer leash, though this is a “results-oriented business,” as Hall of Fame manager Bill Parcells once remarked of football’s many revengeful position. Aguayo’s yips have placed Koetter and his coaching staff in a week-to-week register conundrum. It’s tough to suppose that unfolding ever entered Jason Licht’s mind when a ubiquitous manager cited a approach Aguayo is “wired” on trade adult in a second turn to name a Florida State kicker.

2. By a time a teams were trade gaffes late in a fourth quarter, both coaches seemed to have mislaid faith in their quarterbacks — for good reason. Jameis Winston unsuccessful to take advantage of a patchwork delegate that surrendered a initial ever 500-300 opening to a quarterback-wide receiver tie final week. The second-year vigilance tourist sailed too many passes and began dipping his eyes to sign a pass rush as a night proceeded. It’s ban with gloomy regard to indicate out that he avoided a back-breaking turnovers of reflection Derek Anderson.

The Panthers substitute quarterback changed a offense and won a yardage battle, though authored his team’s flitting with a camber of mind cramps. An brash third-down hasten resulted in a mislaid fail during a sticks early in a fourth quarter. After engineering an considerable 81-yard expostulate on a subsequent possession, he got held going to a Greg Olsen good one too many times when a high-rising Brent Grimes intercepted his underthrown first-and-goal toss from a 1-yard line. It’s satisfactory to consternation because a Panthers were flitting in that conditions deliberation their prior 3 runs went for 14, 12 and 16 yards.

3. Speaking of Olsen, a two-time Pro Bowl parsimonious finish spent a night using scot giveaway by a second turn of Tampa Bay’s defense. Olsen had already generated a career-high in yards with 21 mins remaining in a game. By a time a final alarm blew, he had assimilated Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad as a usually players in authorization story to strech 180 receiving yards in a singular game. Since a start of a 2014 season, Olsen has 8 100-yard performances to 9 for long-lived All-Pro Rob Gronkowski. No other NFL parsimonious finish has constructed some-more than 4 such games over that span.

4. Last year, a Buccaneers boasted a NFL’s many effective interrelated backfield tandem in tackle-breaking millstone Doug Martin and passing-down master Charles Sims. With Martin sidelined and Sims on harmed reserve, Jacquizz Rodgers was saddled adult for a workhorse purpose that fast remade into a savior situation. The coaches clearly concocted a run-heavy diversion devise to strut a regressing Winston, as Rodgers overwhelmed a round 11 times on a opening expostulate — a many by any NFL actor given former Bengals using behind Corey Dillon 15 years ago, per NFL Research.

Rodgers battled his approach to 129 yards on an startling 35 touches, an implausible effort for a using behind whose prior career-high was 18 carries in a game. For support of reference, Rodgers rushed only 14 times all of final deteriorate in Chicago. He has warranted a cut of a backfield cake as Sims’ deputy once Martin returns.

5. The Panthers will bewail their blown opportunities when they are fighting to save their deteriorate in December. Minus 4 of their tip 5 defensive linemen, a Bucs’ invulnerability took a dreaded “Gholston” tab Monday night, unwell to nick a singular pouch or QB hit. Without generating even a spirit of vigour on Anderson, they still boasted a shutout during halftime in a NFL’s lowest-scoring initial half of a season. Carolina gave a round divided 4 times, bringing a deteriorate sum to a league-high 14. Contrast that with final year’s NFL-best turnover ratio when a opportunistic invulnerability complemented Cam Newton’s ball-control offense.

6. While a Panthers’ unsure delegate has come underneath glow for a past month, a toothless pass rush has been only as most of a law-breaker in a team’s unsatisfactory start. It contingency pain ubiquitous manager Dave Gettleman to see benched reserve Tre Boston as a deteriorate pouch personality (2.0) for an classification that has invested so heavily in “hog mollies” and “blue-goose pass rushers” for a front seven.

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