What We Know About a Packages Sent to Friends by FSU Shooter

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PHOTO: One of a packages that Myron May sent to 8 friends.

Federal authorities have intercepted several packages they consider were mailed to 8 acquaintances by Myron May before he went to a Florida State University where he shot 3 people and was killed by police.

At slightest one of a envelopes contained a ride drive, a law coercion source to ABC News.

The packages were believed to have been mailed to 8 people on Wednesday, a day before May went to Strozier Library on a Tallahassee campus about 12:30 a.m. and non-stop fire. Three people were bleeding and May was killed by military when he emerged from a building.

Those packages are starting to be collected. The FBI pronounced they picked adult a package that was addressed to a plcae in northern Virginia. The package was confiscated adult before being delivered.

Joe Paul, who attended FSU with May and lives in Virginia, told ABC associate that he was one of 8 people on a organisation summary from May. Paul did not know a other people on a list.

A law coercion source pronounced a “packages” are vast envelopes. They do not enclose any threats or dangerous materials, officials said. At slightest one pouch contained a thumb-drive, ABC News has learned.

Police have told a recipients not to open a packages once they arrive though to forewarn law enforcement.

The U.S. Postal Service pronounced currently that it was wakeful of May’s mailings and pronounced it is “taking stairs to safeguard a reserve of postal customers, employees, and facilities. To date, letters identified do not poise a hazard or enclose dangerous items.”

Tallahassee military told ABC News that they consider a packages enclose journals and videos detailing May’s faith that military were espionage on him and that a supervision was out to get him.

Paul pronounced it was unnerving to get a summary from May.

“We’re a small afraid,” Paul said. “Why did he chose us?”

In a message, May wrote “I sent a packages today. The approaching deliveries are Friday,” with cinema of any of a Priority Mail envelopes attached.

PHOTO: Myron May messaged a friend, revelation him to design a package to arrive on Friday.

“What did he send everyone? Was it a manifesto? Was it a message? we don’t know. we consider I’m only as extraordinary as everybody else,” Paul pronounced in a WSB-TV interview.

May, 31, grew adult as a encourage child, though succeeded and became a lawyer. He began to mellow in Sep and October, according to military reports in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he worked for a district attorney. The military reports pronounced that May was assured that military had planted cameras in his home and automobile and that he was conference voices in a walls. May’s ex-girlfriend told military that she feared he would mistreat himself.

May recently quiescent his pursuit with a district profession and in a weeks before his conflict during a library May had returned to a encourage home where he grew adult in Tallahassee.

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