What in a universe were those white objects hovering over Washington, DC?

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Update during 5:14 p.m.: The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) contacted us around Twitter to contend that a white objects floating above D.C. on Monday were not a JLENS program. JLENS does not start until Dec of this year.

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On Monday morning,  small white objects flew high in a sky over Washington, D.C. No one seems to know what they were.

Reader Rob Pierce describes what he saw: “I beheld these white spots in a sky in a west, in a closeness of a moon . . . They didn’t seem to be relocating during all, so not planes or tiny pieces of cloud, and they seemed to be too small or high to be helicopters holding position. My best theory was balloons?”

Arrows (drawn onto photo) indicate to white specks high in a sky still over Washington Monday morning. (Rob Pierce)

Arrows (drawn onto photo) indicate to white specks high in a sky still over Washington Monday morning. Click to enlarge. (Rob Pierce)

Capital Weather Gang’s Angela Fritz saw 2 such objects, though other eyewitnesses saw adult to 8, she said.

To determine a objects were not continue balloons, Fritz called a National Weather Service. They reliable that no special continue balloons had been released.  Single continue balloons are launched twice a day from Sterling, Virginia and would not usually be manifest over a District.

We asked a Twitter readers what they competence be.  Some suggestions:


Capital Weather Gang’s Ian Livingston wondered if they were JLENS blimps or aerostats. But a objects above Washington Monday seemed too tiny to resemble those bulbous aircraft.  On a other hand, they seemed to be during a really high altitude, so their sum were not manifest to a exposed eye and a objects expected seemed smaller than they indeed were.

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So can anyone assume or even endorse what these objects were?  We’re failing to know…

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