We’re propitious Tiger Woods is behind … no matter how he plays

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Tiger Woods is back, nonetheless again.

The former worldwide No. 1 golfer will lapse to a veteran diversion subsequent week as he has committed to play in a season-opening Safeway Open in Napa, California.

Whatever his performance, we should be thankful. Tiger is back, and that should be enough.

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Woods will always have expectations, of course. When we are as widespread as he was for so long, when we turn synonymous with greatness, it’s tough for people to routine we in any other way. Woods was a biggest alive, maybe ever. He was roughly mythic in his greatness. Every leaderboard he charged adult on Sunday was a summary sent to a other golfers on a course: I am coming, and we am unstoppable. They could do small some-more than get out of his way.

Every time Woods has attempted to quarrel behind from injury, rushing himself, perplexing to revamp his swing, he’s returned with a expectations that he would get behind to a top. That he’d lapse to his legitimate place atop a golfing world. When he fell short, people were devastated — this wasn’t a male who finished them tumble in adore with a game.

But Woods isn’t that chairman anymore. He’s ranked 767th in a world. He’s 40 years old. Even if all goes right, he’s never removing behind to a heights he once reached.

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This should be liberating. Not usually for Woods though for us as fans. We got a rise of this new Woods during this year’s Ryder Cup. No longer was he a Alpha Dog, a group leader, a object that a rest of a group orbited around. No, he was a vice-captain, not even playing, there to support a guys and be a sounding board. A leader. A teammate.

If it was during initial a small bit of an ungainly fit, Woods grew into it as a week went along. He wore a non-spotlight well, and when a Americans stepped adult and won, he distinguished happily not since he’d finished it though since he’d gotten to declare others do it.


He looked happy, and for a initial time, we was some-more than happy only to have that. we found myself not caring if Woods ever won another vital or not, or ever reclaimed a universe No. 1 spot. we only favourite carrying him around, around a competition of golf, yukking it adult with a other players, articulate rabble to a immature guys, a ones who grew adult spooky with him and who clearly still worship him.

I wish that Tiger behind on tour, and we don’t caring if he never wins another tournament. He’s given us adequate greatness. We can suffer him as a golfer now, one of a really best, though also one of a pack. That should be some-more than enough.

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