Weekend Watch List: Jameis’ outburst competence finish Heisman, playoff hopes

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Jameis Winston keeps creation a wrong moves off a field. (USATSI)
Jameis Winston keeps creation a wrong moves off a field. (USATSI)

Jameis Winston is trending dangerously to a indicate that he is some-more difficulty than he is worth.

Florida State late Friday pronounced it would suspend Winston for a whole Clemson game. That’s adult from a first-half cessation that drew critique from some corners for being too lenient. The propagandize cited “the formula of a stability investigation” in creation a decision. In other words, there is some-more — a lot some-more there — in Winston’s stability off-field issues.

On a eve of a Clemson game, this pierce smacks of Urban Meyer’s waffling on linebacker Brandon Spikes in 2009. The former Florida linebacker was initial dangling by Meyer for a half for gouging a eye of a Georgia using back. Caving to open pressure, Meyer after altered a cessation to a full game.

This is different. If FSU found sacrament late Friday night before a outrageous discussion game, afterwards it is some-more blind to a conditions than initial thought. These are a times when stories are filed, teams are tucked divided in their hotels and fans are merrymaking their approach ’til diversion day.

Just what a heck happened to make FSU change a mind?

A “continuing investigation” suggests there’s something else there. If so, Winston has progressed from daze to subtraction. He’s not assisting a Seminoles he’s spiteful them. The hours and days forward will exhibit what a fortifying Heisman Trophy leader has done. Suffice to say, a playoff preference cabinet has something else to cruise besides Winston’s uttering a coarse word this week.

Right now, FSU’s invulnerability of a inhabitant championship and Winston’s invulnerability of his Heisman usually don’t seem that important. There is something off kilter with both Winston and FSU’s doing of a situation.

With backup Sean Maguire in place for a whole game, an dissapoint seems wholly possible. But is that unequivocally a story? The best actor in a nation and his propagandize have messed up.

Whether it was brisk defenses or a countless self-inflicted distractions, a Heisman-winning inhabitant champion was always means to compartmentalize between a lines. Florida State down by 18 to Auburn? No problem. Oklahoma State cut it to three? Step aside.

The conspicuous Jameis could resolutely lead a championship-clinching expostulate with 13 seconds to go. The knuckleheaded Jameis shouted graphic, intimately unresponsive comments on campus this week. It comes during a same time a propagandize is being investigated for probable Title IX violations per an purported passionate attack by a quarterback. Winston was investigated yet not charged by law coercion authorities.

But for a initial time in his career a consequences of his actions have bled between a lines. Winston won’t play during all opposite Clemson on Saturday night after being dangling by a propagandize for a comments.

Florida State unexpected is not a impact asperse it had been opposite a Tigers.

Never mind Las Vegas reacting immediately to a suspension. (The Noles went from 19½-point favorites to 16½, yet that was before FSU criminialized a Heisman leader for a whole game, rather than a strange one half). This latest misstep gives a Tigers — and a rest of a nation — serve hope. Given a schedule, a 12-1 FSU is not indispensably a shoo-in for a playoff.

A rather poignant trip of a tongue could also be bad news for Winston, FSU and a ACC.

We know a College Football Playoff preference cabinet will cruise injuries and report strength. But how would it perspective a suspension?

“It’s not right for me to plead specific situations,” CFP executive executive Bill Hancock emailed this week. “But, generally, when specifying among a dozens of teams that it will be reviewing all season, a cabinet will cruise any team’s full physique of work, and each cause that went into building that physique of work. Every factor.”

Winston also competence have also usually sunk his possibility to make Heisman history.

“Winning that second Heisman was always going to be an ascending climb, yet now it becomes that many harder,” pronounced a Heisman Pundit, Chris Huston. “Voters gave him a advantage of a doubt final deteriorate when he was indicted of — yet not charged with — rape. It’s doubtful that they will give him a same space after initial being held hidden and, now, after cheering obscenities into a microphone.”

Never mind that Winston’s deteriorate numbers will be impacted in some conform by blank Saturday night’s game.

For a anxiety point, cruise that a final Heisman leader to get a endowment notwithstanding blank a diversion was Florida State’s Charlie Ward in 1993.

WWL contacted 11 Heisman electorate for a straw poll. Seven of them had Winston in their tip 3 final year. Eight of them pronounced they would during slightest cruise this latest occurrence when casting their 2014 ballot. Some were some-more strident.

“Don’t cruise we will [vote for him] again, no matter how his deteriorate unfolds,” pronounced Greg Hansen, columnist during a Arizona Daily Star. “The gathering of his off-field troubles strikes me as uncivilised of someone estimable to paint college football’s tip award.”

Scott Rabalais of a Baton Rouge (La.) Advocate: “While we can’t overtly contend now how we will opinion in December, we can contend we won’t forget this latest part when we confirm who we will opinion for this time. The Heisman voting manners give electorate good embodiment in determining what factors to consider. To me, impression matters.”

Finally, Randy Peterson of a Des Moines Register: “Not formulation to opinion for him … unless he promises to pointer over one NFL paycheck a month to something associated to a impediment of contestant entitlement.”

The rest

Florida during Alabama: The Gators — and by prolongation Will Muschamp — don’t have to indispensably win, they usually have to play well. The Gators — and Muschamp’s pursuit confidence — are still a work in progress. Giving a Tide reason for postponement — definition: personification tighten — would be progress.

In a diversion with dual heavily scrutinized quarterbacks — Jeff Driskel, Blake Sims — this one competence come down to a flitting game. That’s another approach of observant compensate courtesy one of a best particular matchups of a deteriorate — All-American and Heisman claimant Amari Cooper vs. lockdown Florida dilemma Vernon Hargreaves III.

Former Florida State QB Clint Trickett is off to a superb start for West Virginia. (Getty Images)
Former Florida State QB Clint Trickett is off to a superb start for West Virginia. (Getty Images)

Oklahoma during West Virginia: Best quarterback in a Big 12? Right now it’s West Virginia’s Clint Trickett. No question.

Wait, make that Trickett is a best actor in a Big 12 during a moment. Once again, no question. A year ago a Florida State send started 7 games, finished usually 52 percent of his passes and didn’t validate to be ranked among a tip 100 in efficiency. This season, after shoulder surgery, he leads a Big 12 in yards, correctness and efficiency. The final Power 5 quarterback to lead a discussion in those 3 categories was one Johnny Manziel — final season.

He is — statistically — a nation’s best Power 5 quarterback personification for a winning group after 3 weeks.

We’re not observant Trickett is going to win a Heisman or that West Virginia is even going to kick Oklahoma (an 11½-point favorite) this week. But Dana Holgorsen and descent coordinator Shannon Dawson merit loads of credit.

Two years ago, OU gave adult 778 yards and won by a indicate (50-49) in Morgantown.

OU defensive finish Chuka Ndulue’s takeaway on a experience: “They’re [fans] shrill and rude. Very shrill and really rude. we always go behind to Florida State. That’s a loudest place I’ve been at. [West Virginia is] disrespectful.”

The nation’s second-longest winning strain (OU, seven) is during stake.

Mississippi State during LSU : Bulldogs trending up: Dak Prescott usually went 200-100 (passing/rushing) vs. South Alabama. Mississippi State’s 131 points by 3 games are a many given 1944. Bulldogs trending down: LSU has won 14 in a quarrel in a series. Dan Mullen is 1-16 opposite Auburn, Alabama, Texas AM and LSU.

Northern Illinois during Arkansas: Hogs everywhere are anticipating that final week’s opening opposite Texas Tech was a breakthrough for Bret Bielema. The Razorbacks physically dominated a Red Raiders with 438 rushing yards. Rod Carey’s Huskies have a demeanour of a 2012 garland that went to a Orange Bowl.

Two top-10 rushing offenses accommodate (Arkansas No. 2, NIU No. 7).

Based on a NCAA’s destiny antithesis metric, Arkansas has a toughest remaining report in a country. Its total foes are 19-2 during a moment.

Indiana during Missouri: Last nonconference plea for a Tigers before we find out their SEC East worthiness. Next 3 games: during South Carolina, Georgia during home, during Florida. For now, because can’t Mizzou win a East? Maty Mauk is tied for a inhabitant lead in touchdowns (12). Indiana’s Tevin Coleman leads a nation in rushing (218.5 yards per game).

Miami during Nebraska: A reversion jersey of a game. A diversion matched for a bobblehead giveaway. Turner Gill! Bernie Kosar!

For those of we though wrinkles, this diversion scarcely 31 years ago in a Orange Bowl started a Miami dynasty. It ushered in a new epoch in a game. Miami’s speed was widespread and took a diversion by surprise. Tom Osborne going for dual warranted courage points that night, yet a dynastic manager would have to wait 11 years for his initial inhabitant championship.

About a usually thing Tommy Armstrong has in common with Gill is that they play a same position. Brad Kaaya is no Kosar. Sometimes all we can do is reminisce.

Would Bo Pelini have left for two?

“Yeah,” he pronounced this week, “I would have.”

North Carolina during East Carolina: The Pirates terrorized South Carolina and afterwards hermetic a understanding opposite Virginia Tech. The Tar Heels have been warned. An East Carolina win clearly establishes a Pirates as a Golden Ticket favorite.

Oregon during Washington State: One quarterback — (Cougs’ Connor Halliday) is a nation’s heading passer. The other (Marcus Mariota) is a Heisman favorite (at a moment). Halliday is averaging some-more than 58 throws per game. Only AM’s Kenny Hill has thrown some-more touchdowns though an interception (11). Mariota has 8 TD passes.

Eastern Michigan during Michigan State: If a Spartans and Big Ten are removing behind into a playoff race, it starts with a spanking of a Eagles. The Fightin’ Dantonios gained a lot of honour in Eugene.

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