Week In Politics: Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

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A new Trump debate ad declares it’s us opposite a world. And this week that feels truer than ever. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he will no longer urge or debate with a Republican presidential candidate. A flourishing series of women are accusing Donald Trump of passionate assault. The list includes Jessica Leeds, who says Trump overwhelmed her inappropriately on an aeroplane in a 1980s.


JESSICA LEEDS: Mr. Trump started entrance over to me and groping me, and afterwards his hands started going adult my skirt.

SHAPIRO: We pronounce with Jessica Leeds elsewhere in a program. As for Donald Trump, he says a tellurian swindling is perplexing to stop him. Here’s what he pronounced during a convene currently in North Carolina.


DONALD TRUMP: As we have seen, right now, we am being viciously pounded with lies and smears. It’s a artificial deal. we have no suspicion who these women are – have no idea. we have no idea.

SHAPIRO: We’re going to speak now about what this disharmony in a debate means for a election, politics and a destiny of a Republican Party. Joining us are David Brooks of The New York Times – hi there…


SHAPIRO: …And Alex Wagner of The Atlantic. Welcome.


SHAPIRO: we can’t consider of a time in story that a domestic celebration has been so divided over a possess presidential candidate. David, what do we consider are a long-term consequences of this for a GOP?

BROOKS: Well, we got a core of leaders, like Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who have been principal anti-Trumpians from a start. And now you’ve got a garland of a establishment. A integrate of them have said, well, he should step down, though he’s not stepping down, so I’m going to opinion for him, that is arrange of a implicitly disjointed position.

And afterwards you’ve got a lot who are in a Republican investiture who think, well, it’s like Goldwater. Goldwater went down to a large defeat. And we – I’m going to play a good soldier. I’ll be for a Republican nominee. And afterwards he’ll go away, and it’ll all be excellent subsequent time.

The problem is he’s not like Goldwater. He’s like Joe McCarthy. And he’s a implicitly reprobate figure. And a people who are embracing him or even semi-embracing him – a mark will last.

SHAPIRO: Well, Alex, do we consider a mark will last? we mean, a website FiveThirtyEight asked a question, is this what it looks like when a celebration falls apart?

WAGNER: (Laughter) Well, look. we consider a domestic expedience that you’re saying and that’s during a bottom of this calculation is formed on domestic reality. For a lot of these folks, they know what a midterm elections demeanour like. They know what their bottom looks like. They can't entirely leave Trump since they know a people that keep them in bureau are also Trump supporters.

And we consider a doubt confronting Republicans is a lot like a doubt that faced Democrats in a 1960s. Do we give adult on this wing of your party? we consider until a Republican Party decides to do that finally one approach or a other, zero is going to get finished in Congress, and a party’s inhabitant ambitions, as it pertains to a executive branch, will be really problemed (ph).

SHAPIRO: But, David, how could a celebration make a preference like that if it means fundamentally essay off a bottom that supports Donald Trump?

BROOKS: Well, that’s arrange of a question. What is a destiny of a Republican Party? And we theory if we had to plan that long-term, we do consider it is going to be a celebration of a white operative class. And we consider on one poll, Trump was adult among white, working-class group with high propagandize degrees by 59 commission points. That’s not a wing of a party. That’s a physique of a party.

And so a doubt is, how does that celebration not spin a 30 percent party? And that’s a doubt confronting Republican inaugurated officials. They’re going to have to support to that base, that is anti-immigrant, anti-trade, most some-more isolationist. Or they’re going to have to try to find some other radically opposite celebration with a radically opposite base. And it’s a terrible design for them.

SHAPIRO: Long before this week there were concerns about Trump alienating minorities and other groups that could go Democratic for generations to come. This week, revelations have jarred many women, including regressive women.

First lady Michelle Obama instilled some of these feelings yesterday in a really manly debate in New Hampshire. Let’s listen to partial of what she said.


MICHELLE OBAMA: This was not usually a licentious conversation. This wasn’t usually locker-room banter. This was a absolute particular vocalization plainly and plainly about intimately rapacious function and indeed bragging about kissing and groping women, regulating denunciation so pornographic that many of us were disturbed about a children conference it when we spin on a TV.

SHAPIRO: Of march she’s referring to that “Access Hollywood” video from 2005. Alex, do we consider this has a intensity to figure a approach women perspective a Republican Party over this election?

WAGNER: Absolutely, and we demeanour during that not usually in – by a lens of a initial lady’s comments. But also if we demeanour during a polling and how women and group have damaged in a presidential races so distant – we meant 2012 was a ancestral gender gap. we consider 2016 is going to be off a charts given where we’re during in terms of tongue though also what seem to be dueling realities.

Nate Silver, who we quoted earlier, had a map that showed if usually women voted in a election, Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide. Trump would usually win a reddest of a red states. And a opposite was loyal if usually group voted. There is a outrageous chasm that has non-stop up.

And we suspicion a initial lady really emotionally and really pointedly spoke to a harm that a lot of women feel when these comments are done and a arrange of low romantic bruising that these comments have had and that a lot of women opposite a nation internalize. we meant it was kind of a waking impulse we consider for a lot of women who listened those comments.

SHAPIRO: David, do we consider that hurt, that chasm will extend even after Donald Trump leaves a domestic spotlight?

BROOKS: we arrange of do. we consider that it’s – and that’s generally among – manly among younger voters. The chasm between group and women is clear, though a chasm between people over 40 and underneath 40 is also clear. And this is generally loyal in devout circles. We’ve seen a lot of devout leaders, group in their 60s and 70s, adhering with Trump to an extraordinary degree.

But it’s really hard, even if we go to Christian universities, to find Christian college students adhering with Trump or who – for whom Trump ever had any appeal. And so we consider one of a things we’re going to see post-election is a reorganization in a universe of a Christian regressive world.

SHAPIRO: Let’s speak about a Clinton campaign. WikiLeaks has expelled thousands of emails from debate staffers, including John Podesta, her debate chair. Alex, what do we take divided from these revelations? And do we consider they’ll be damaging?

WAGNER: Well, we consider there’re dual things. One is, a Clinton debate is clearly perplexing to inhibit some of a calm of a emails by indicating out that these are from a controversial probable penetrate from a Russians. And we consider there’s – that’s a legitimate claim.

At a same time, what is suggested in some of these emails is this arrange of clarity of career artfulness that a lot of folks have tagged Hillary Clinton with via her career. And we consider that’s problematic. And so far, it confirms what a lot of people have suspicion – that she has and her possess set of manners that a Clinton Foundation operates in a arrange of domestic cronyism that is not commendable for someone seeking a top bureau in a land. And that is problematic.

But (laughter) given a blast function on usually arrange of a Trump side of a aisle, we consider that that’s supposing an implausible smokescreen for a Clinton debate to arrange of equivocate carrying to answer to some of a things that’s been suggested in a leaks.

SHAPIRO: David, what stands out to we in these emails?

BROOKS: I’ve been a small astounded by how tedious it is. we suspicion in a feverishness of these campaigns you’d get this – people slagging off during all these opposite groups, scornful any other. So-and-so is a so-and-so. But there’s some criticism. There’s some controversial comments about Catholics. And Bill de Blasio is arrange of a pain in a rear. But it’s…

WAGNER: (Laughter).

BROOKS: …Reasonably mild, we would say. we do consider a one thing that hits is that a Trump debate is scold to contend they do exhibit her arrange of during a core of a investiture with all that connected to financial people, connected to some duplicity. And that partial is loyal (laughter), and so a leaks do exhibit that.

SHAPIRO: we wish to usually quickly finish by mentioning, Alex, we had an engaging square in The Atlantic that got a lot of courtesy with a title “Scare The Vote.” Fearmongering, we called it. Do we consider there will be genuine long-term impacts from it?

WAGNER: Look. we consider we have a whole subset of a Republican Party that believes a complement no longer works – not usually a institutions, though a – Donald Trump is laying a substructure to contend this opinion is rigged. That’s a problem when we wish a deputy democracy.

SHAPIRO: Alex Wagner of The Atlantic and David Brooks of The New York Times, interjection to we both.

BROOKS: Thank you.

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