Watch Sony’s PlayStation Event Live on IGN

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On Tuesday, Sep 16 during 10PM PT / Sep 17 during 1AM ET (3PM AU / 6AM UK Wednesday), Sony is holding an eventuality brazen of this year’s Tokyo Game Show. You can watch a PlayStation press discussion live right here on IGN.

Sony formerly settled it would reveal dual new PlayStation 4 games during TGS — so keep an eye out for IGN’s coverage of those announcements and some-more during a Japanese event.

Persona 5 was recently revealed for PS4 in further to PS3, so maybe we’ll see some-more from Atlus’ arriving RPG. Additionally, we’re awaiting some-more from Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 during a show, among others. For some-more on what to demeanour brazen to, check out what we’d like to see during TGS in a video below.


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