Watch live: Bernie Sanders speaks during a Democratic National Convention

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Bernie Sanders has spent months revelation electorate that his debate was about a issues, and he used that same evidence to tell his supporters to chuck their support to Hillary Clinton. 

In his debate Monday, he went step by step by Clinton’s proposals, many of that were a product of compromises between a dual campaigns. 

For example, Clinton creatively upheld policies to concede students to attend open colleges debt-free. She after stretched a offer to embody giveaway fee for many students.

“We have come together on a offer that will change aloft preparation in America,” Sanders said.

The debate was a glance of because Sanders put so most importance on a Democratic Party platform, that he fought to make some-more liberal. Not usually did he want progressive ideas enshrined in a party’s principles, he can use a height as a apparatus to move his doubtful supporters around to Clinton.  

Sanders touted a oath by Clinton to deliver a inherent amendment to overturn Citizens United, a Supreme Court box that enabled some-more corporate income in domestic campaigns. And he praised her loyalty to augmenting appropriation for village health centers, even yet she never came around to endorsing a government-run, single-payer system. 

In a end, Sanders told his supporters, Clinton had taken adequate of a right positions to acquire their vote.

“I am unapproachable to mount with her tonight,” he said. 

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