Watch Kevin Smith Share His Reaction To The Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

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Yesterday’s recover of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer gave an, understandably, brief glance into a new film, though it was jam-packed and has had Star Wars fans worldwide articulate given it premiered. One of those fans is Kevin Smith himself; check out his greeting to a trailer in this video.

Smith prisoner a feelings we had, and we am certain several other Star Wars fans had, after a initial observation of The Force Awakens trailer, regardless of if we were examination during home or in a film theater. This new installment into a Star Wars cinematic star truly feels like Star Wars, and brought me right behind to being a kid, examination Star Wars for a initial time. Though Smith doesn’t discuss it in his greeting video, examination a trailer for Force Awakens didn’t make me consider we were in for some-more films like we saw in a prequel trilogy. Despite carrying JJ Abrams directing a film and co-writing a screenplay rather than George Lucas, The Force Awakens trailer felt like classical Star Wars, and it is removing fans opposite a creation excited. Like Smith says in his greeting video, “Here, JJ, take my money.” Abrams positively had an ascending battle, formulating a code new film from a array that has been desired by so many for so long, though if a teaser is any indication, he positively pulled it off.

While Smith echoes a view I common of wanting to see faces like Leia, Luke, Han, and Chewy in a subsequent trailer for The Force Awakens, he also brings adult a flattering engaging indicate about bringing Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) into a subsequent trailer for The Force Awakens. While we didn’t see Lando in all 3 of a strange films, causing some fans to contend that Lando isn’t an constituent partial of a Star Wars universe, Smith does remind fans that Lando did seem in The Empires Strikes Back and The Return of a Jedi. Even some-more than that, if it weren’t for Lando (and Nien Nunb), a second Death Star wouldn’t have been destroyed, that is kind of a outrageous deal. we really have to mount with Smith and contend that carrying Lando and Nien Nunb in a new films would be totally amazing.

Of course, Williams has exuberantly voiced his enterprise to reprise his purpose as Lando Calrissian, though during this theatre it doesn’t demeanour like there is any central news on bringing Lando back. Still, if Star Wars fans are going to assume on Benedict Cumberbatch’s impasse in a film (a gossip that is, during this point, zero some-more than fan speculation), we can speak about Billy Dee Williams display adult in a destiny Star Wars film, right?

Ultimately Smith’s video sums adult a vast apportionment of a Star Wars fandom’s greeting to a films: this looks amazing, and we wish more! Sadly, we’ll have to wait until Dec of 2015 to see a film. Hopefully Abrams will prepare adult another trailer for us all really soon.

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