Washington Post Melts Down Over Muslim Ban: Republicans Are Not Americans

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The leftwing Washington Post took a Republican loathing to an wholly new turn Monday with a title that pits Republicans opposite Americans. “Americans reject Trump’s Muslim ban, yet Republicans welcome it,” a title reads.

This isn’t an editorial, it’s a news story. This isn’t Dana Milbank’s latest hissy fit, it’s a true news headline.

Apparently, a Washington Post no longer sees Republicans as Americans since 59% of them support Donald Trump’s offer to temporarily anathema Muslim immigration until a supervision gets a act together. One wonders, though, if a Washington Post believes that a 38% of Republicans who conflict Trump’s offer validate as Americans?

Nah, a Washington Post doesn’t even see Republicans as humans.

Sixty percent of a altogether open remonstrate with Trump’s proposal, while 36% support it.

A spot-check of 130 Washington Post headlines about polls found no title where one apportionment of a respondents were  advertised as something other than Americans.

If Washington Post staffers are still confused over because they are now working out of a low-rent building,  this kind of demagoguery and hatred hurled during 50% of a nation would be a good place to start.

If zero else, by refusing to play by their compulsory rules, Trump has finished some-more than any other politician to perplex a DC Media into a meltdown that exposes them as a leftwing freaks we always knew they were.


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