Washington DC legalizes marijuana, Republicans guarantee a quarrel – Chicago Sun

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The new mayor of a nation’s collateral was anticipating to get along excellent with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Instead, they’ve threatened her with jail and she has indicted them of behaving like bullies in a showdown over authorised pot that could finish adult costing District of Columbia residents dearly.

Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser defied threats from Congress by implementing a voter-approved beginning on Thursday, creation a city a usually place easterly of a Mississippi River where people can legally grow and share pot in private.

But Congress still has a final contend over a city’s bill and laws, and a Republicans in assign seem dynamic to make Bowser pay.

“We yield half a billion dollars (annually) to a District. One would consider they would be many some-more agreeable with a wishes of Congress,” Rep. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican and one of a many outspoken pot opponents, pronounced in an talk Thursday.

Actually, a District perceived some-more than $670 million in sovereign appropriation final year to support a $11 billion budget. The sovereign income is earmarked for specific programs — including a city’s justice system.

Republicans will “find some areas where maybe we have been really inexhaustible with a adults of a District. That will all come with time,” Harris warned.

Even tip advocates of city liberty are scheming for tough times on Capitol Hill.

“I do trust it’s expected this is a ephemeral victory,” pronounced Kimberly Perry, executive executive of D.C. Vote. “Members of a House are going to come after D.C. with a reprisal on appropriations for 2016.”

Before Bowser announced that she wasn’t subsidy down, she spoke with a authority of a House Oversight Committee, Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, and reiterated that her idea is not to challenge Congress, yet to respect a will of a voters, pronounced her spokesman, Michael Czin.

“A lot of reasonable people have a opposite viewpoint of this issue,” Bowser pronounced Wednesday. “We trust that we’re behaving lawfully.”

Chaffetz pronounced Congress doesn’t wish a District to turn “a breakwater for smoking pot.”

But Bowser has emphasized that a change to a pot law is singular in scope.

While possession of adult to 2 ounces of pot or adult to 3 mature plants for use in a home is legal, shopping or offered pot stays illegal, along with smoking in open and possessing pot on sovereign property. The categorical disproportion is that city military will no longer be handing out $25 polite fines for possession.

When Republicans are in assign on Capitol Hill, their priorities mostly strife with leaders of a reliably magnanimous city, where 3 out of 4 purebred electorate are Democrats.

For example, Congress has taboo a District from spending any income on abortion, solely for a two-year widen when Democrats tranquil a House and Senate as good as a White House. When a termination limitation was easy in 2011, then-mayor Vincent Gray led a sit-in outward a Capitol and was arrested.

Bowser, afterwards a D.C. Council member, also was arrested in that protest, yet she complained that it didn’t accomplish anything and affianced a some-more collaborative, reduction headline-grabbing approach.

What she’s finding, though, is that collegiality also depends on who runs a committees.

Gray had a considerate attribute with a prior slip cabinet chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa. He upheld what District leaders call “budget autonomy,” permitting a city to spend a internal taxation income but authorisation by Congress.

But Chaffetz and other Republicans contend Bowser could face jail for violating a sovereign law exclusive agencies from spending any unappropriated money. It’s a transparent vigilance that a District can’t design to win some-more independence.

“Mr. Issa had a some-more useful viewpoint and was peaceful to hear us out, work with us and not be open about a battles,” pronounced Janene Jackson, who was Gray’s relationship to Congress and is now a lobbyist with Holland Knight. “This is a really open disproportion of opinion. The minute settled serious consequences. It does not bode well.”

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