Washington County, TN commissioners cruise redrawing district lines

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- Some commissioners in one partial of a Tri-Cities wish to make a vital change in a approach they govern.

They consider Washington County, Tennessee has too many people on a house of commissioners, and they’ve got a devise for that to change.

Right now there are 25 commissioners and 10 districts.

The new devise would order a county in to 15 districts with a sum of 15 commissioners, with one commissioner per district.

At a county elect assembly Monday, supporters of this contend it would give some-more equal representation.

In a stream conditions one commissioner might paint 1,500 some-more people than another commissioner.

This new redistricting map would change that, giving any commissioner about 8,200 people to represent.

“By shortening a elect from 25 to 15 it’ll save a county $45,000 a year in approach responsibility and advantages that takes it good over 50,000 a year,” Washington County District 6 Commissioner Joe Grandy said.

But some commissioners argued a information used to pull these new district lines is from a 2010 census and is out of date, suggesting they need to wait until a 2020 census.

Other commissioners and adults including a county’s GOP authority voiced concerns about reduction representation.

“I’m fearful if we cut it too small, you’re concentrating too most energy in too few hands, and we theory as time as left on I’ve kind of come around some-more to a opinion that maybe a some-more illustration a better,” Washington County District 5 Commissioner Robbie Tester said.

A cabinet came together in 2014 to come adult with recommendations on redistricting.

Monday Tester, a member of a committee, pronounced a district map adult for a opinion during a elect assembly did not compare what a cabinet approved.

Because of that he motioned to wait to opinion on redistricting. That suit hardly upheld by one vote.

Commissioners will take adult this emanate again during their subsequent assembly in January.

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