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About a month ago, a News-Leader pronounced farewell to one of a many tangible faces. Our opinion page editor Linda Leicht motionless to call it a career, take a highway outing with her mom and start a new pursuit with Ozarks Food Harvest. Linda was a valued colleague, a excellent publisher and one of a best storytellers you’ll meet.

If we wish a doozy, ask her about Elvis.

Linda’s work helped figure a News-Leader and a community. As we demeanour toward what’s subsequent for a Opinion section, it’s a good time to take batch of what’s working, what’s not, what we do good and what we can do without. We have a whole store of uninformed ideas to underline village voices, encourage reader rendezvous and encourage active conversations about a issues that matter to Springfield, a Ozarks and Missouri.

Some of them might even be good ideas, if we can suppose such a thing.

But before we hurl them out, we wish to ask we to do one thing a excellent people who review this territory have no difficulty with: pronounce your mind.

What should a Opinion territory demeanour like? Are we a fan of Roses and Thorns? ‘Tis a Privilege? Local voices? National voices? Our voice? The editorial cartoon?

What are we blank that we should have? What do we have that we wouldn’t skip a bit if it went away?

Across any book of a News-Leader, we work to move we smart, enchanting calm that keeps we sensitive about a news and information we need to go about your day. The Opinion section, some-more than any other, is driven by readers enchanting with a issues and any other, bringing your wisdom, passion and enterprise for a improved Springfield to a table.

And that whole mutual honour thing. That’s kind of important.

So lay it on us. Email me during pberry@news-leader.com and give me your opinion on Opinion. Thanks for pity your thoughts and for reading.

Paul Berry is a Executive Director for News and Engagement during a Springfield News-Leader. He frequently shares his opinions in a Sunday edition, on News-Leader.com and on Twitter during @pauleberry. He can be reached during pberry@news-leader.com.

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