Virginia sterilization program

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Virginia lawmakers on Thursday concluded to recompense victims who were involuntarily sterilized by state officials decades ago underneath a then-widely supposed program.

The Virginia General Assembly budgeted $400,000 to recompense a victims of eugenics during a rate of $25,000 each.

Some contribution about a now-discredited program:


— More than 7,000 Virginians were involuntarily sterilized between 1924 and 1979 underneath a Virginia Eugenical Sterilization Act.

— Nationwide, 65,000 Americans were sterilized in 33 states.


— Virginia law became a indication for identical legislation upheld around a nation and a world, including Nazi Germany.


— Virginia is a second state to approve remuneration for victims, who will accept $25,000 each. There are usually 11 famous flourishing victims in a state.

— North Carolina authorized payments of $50,000 for any plant in 2013.

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