Videos offer clues in hunt for blank University of Virginia student

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(CNN) — Surveillance videos uncover her walking and using alone a night she went missing, though was there tainted play in a disappearance of a University of Virginia student?

Police have been acid for 18-year-old Hannah Graham given Sunday.

Her relatives contend they’re disturbed something happened to her after she left a entertainment with friends Friday night in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Hannah is over changed to us,” John and Susan Graham pronounced in a matter expelled by military Wednesday. “We are truly ravaged by her disappearance. It’s totally out of impression for us not to have listened from her, and we fear tainted play.”

The teen’s puzzling disappearance comes scarcely 5 years after a unsolved murdering of another tyro in a area, sparking fears from some that there could be a connection.

Morgan Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, went blank after attending a Metallica unison in Charlottesville in Oct 2009. Her stays were found on a plantation months later. Police have nonetheless to lane down her killer, and her family has prolonged pronounced they suspected there could be other victims.

Could there be a couple to a Harrington case?

“Certainly a doubt has arisen. It’s positively a legitimate question,” Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo told reporters Wednesday.

“If there comes a time where we trust there is a concrete couple to those dual investigations, we’ll share that with you,” he said.

So far, a military arch said, investigators haven’t found anything to tie a dual cases. And they haven’t found any pointer of tainted play, notwithstanding a concerns a teen’s relatives have expressed.

“As a parent, I’d be really concerned, though we don’t have any concrete justification to endorse that,” he said. “But we know, they’re vocalization from their heart.”

Surveillance videos offer clues

Police news Graham, a sophomore, as a straight-A student, an achieved contestant and a good friend.

She’s about 5-foot-11 with blue eyes, light brownish-red hair and freckles, a university pronounced in a recover seeking for tips about a teen’s disappearance.

She left a cooking with a organisation of friends around 11 p.m. Friday. Around 1:20 a.m. Saturday, she sent a content to friends observant she was lost, CNN associate WTVR reported.

Police trust she might have been underneath a change of alcohol, Longo said, and might have been exposed or incompetent to urge herself.

Investigators have tracked down several notice videos that uncover her that night outward a pub, nearby a gas hire and in a downtown selling mall, Longo said. But it’s not transparent where she’s going or either she’s in trouble.

One video shows her using along a highway nearby a Shell station.

That primarily endangered investigators, Longo told reporters.

But in after videos, he pronounced “it does not seem during slightest during that indicate that she’s being pursued.”

Investigators are looking for some-more notice videos that they trust could uncover Graham in downtown Charlottesville, where a declare speckled her.

They’ve interviewed 50 people and perceived 100 tips in a case, military said.

And a hunt is distant from over. As time passes, investigators contend their hunt area grows. Search teams from a Virginia Department of Emergency Management are helping, CNN associate WVIR reported.

“This review has been assertive and will continue to be aggressive,” Longo said.

CNN affiliate: Corridor has ‘infamous reputation’

Virginia Tech tyro Morgan Harrington, 20, was killed after withdrawal a Metallica unison in Charlottesville, Virginia, in Oct 2009.

Gil Harrington told CNN associate WTVR that it’s too shortly to pull a approach tie between her daughter’s genocide and Graham’s disappearance.

“Your mind goes there, though we consider that’s beforehand in a way,” she told WTVR. “We have a probability of carrying a good outcome with Hannah. We need to keep that in mind.”

Right now, Gil Harrington has a print with cinema of a University of Virginia tyro on her fridge, underneath a word “MISSING.”

Through “Help Save a Next Girl,” an classification founded after her daughter’s disappearance and death, she’s pulling residents of Charlottesville to call in tips.

On Wednesday, a classification tweeted that a Harringtons had left a summary in vast letters taped on Charlottesville overpass spelled out their support of a search: “PLEASE FIND HANNAH.”

“Your mind only sickens,” Gil Harrington told CNN associate WVIR. “You think, how can it be, another lady taken.”

This isn’t a initial time a lady has left blank in a area. The disappearances of Harrington and Graham, along with several other past cases in a area famous as a Route 29 mezzanine has given a area an “infamous reputation,” WTVR says.

“I don’t know. Either there is a commonality or a crime spree,” Harrington told WTVR. “We have prolonged upheld a vicious mass that needs looking at. If we demeanour during a map of blank and abducted along Route 29 — it’s not a normal pattern.”

CNN’s Morgan Winsor and Patrick Cornell contributed to this report.

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