Victor Cruz throws a poke during Josh Norman; “He done his choice”

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After a Redskins mislaid to a Steelers on Monday night and questions started being asked about because cornerback Josh Norman wasn’t tasked with covering Steelers far-reaching receiver Antonio Brown all game, Norman pronounced that he had “100 percent confidence” in a team’s coaches when asked about a diversion plan.

That’s led to copiousness of critique for manager Jay Gruden as people consternation why’d we compensate tip of a marketplace prices for Norman and provide him as transmutable with Bashaud Breeland. Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins was one who pronounced he feels that way, nonetheless his teammate Victor Cruz seemed to take a page from associate wideout Odell Beckham’s book in sequence to make it all about Norman.

“Especially if he calls himself — we don’t call him this, he calls himself — a best dilemma in a league, afterwards we have to cover a best receivers on a other team,” Cruz said, around a New York Post. “Going in we suspicion he was going to follow AB all over a place, though he didn’t, so it is what it is. He done his choice. It’s always his choice. He can go to a powers that be and say, ‘Hey, we wish to cover this guy.’ And if they contend no, if maybe he did that and they pronounced no, afterwards I’ll have to eat my words. But for a many partial we can go and make that request, I’m sure.”

Norman might good have done that request, been denied and opted not to atmosphere that publicly after a game. Cruz has no approach of meaningful that, though he does know that roasting Norman will get space in internal and inhabitant media. That keeps a emanate one that Norman and a Redskins will have to continue responding questions about, generally with a Giants on a report subsequent week.

That might be rubbed though most bitch in Washington, though a Giants apparently trust it’s value a shot during throwing a multiplication opposition off their game.

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