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In respect of Veterans Day, David Rutter shares a touching reverence to a country’s soldiers:

“Today we respect those who have finished what we asked – they went and fought in a names – and afterwards they came home. We roughly certainly will ask a same of others. We always do.

“What we applaud with parades and flags is not their heroism. We applaud that they are home. They’ve paid their cost of citizenship.”

Here are some-more of your letters to a editor and op-eds:

– A Moody reader continues a discuss over daylight-saving time.

– An Irondale reader speaks out opposite online voting, observant paper ballots are safer and some-more accurate: “A module module is determining a outcome. As a programmer for decades, we can make a module do anything we wish it to do. The user might see one formula though in a credentials something wholly opposite might be occurring. This opens a doorway to rascal as we have never seen in a elections.”

– Colleen Oakes, executive of operations for Corizon Health, talks about her company’s joining to a health of prisoners.

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