US view group hacked North Korea before a Sony attack

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A personal National Security Agency (NSA) file
published by a German repository Der Spiegel quotes one US user as
revelation that American entrance to North Korean systems was “next to

The Americans were means to penetrate their South Korean allies and found that
Seoul’s agents were carrying some-more success in perspicacious a North’s systems.

The US apparently stole a fruits of a South Korea spies’ work though later
ramped adult their possess efforts to aim a Pyonyang. “You don’t wish to rely
on an untrusted actor to do your work for you,” an NSA central wrote.

The US focused on Bureau 121, a North Korean military’s murky hacking
unit. They placed spyware by a North Koreans’ networks in an effort
to see what a roughly 6,000 hackers were operative on.

However, a elaborate American complement does not seem to have yielded any
warning that a North Koreans were going to conflict Sony in response to its
recover of The Interview, a film derisive Mr Kim.

North Korea pronounced publicly in Jun that it would cruise a film’s recover an
“act of war”. Five months later, hackers job themselves “the Guardians
of Peace” began edition Sony’s inner files and demanded that a film
be cancelled.

Some cybersecurity experts have questioned either North Korea was behind the
conflict though a US supervision has been scarcely austere in the public

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