US Open final, Serena Williams v Caroline Wozniacki: live

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Second set: Williams 6 Wozniacki 3 Caroline has not let her conduct drop
though she’s been kicked from post to post here. Woz looks in critical trouble
0-15 down and being run husky again, though she produces an glorious running
backhand winner. Williams now wins a extensive point, a convene of the
match, 26 shots. Woz giving her all though Williams usually there hammering away.
She wins a subsequent indicate as well, another prolonged rally. 15-40 and in big
trouble. Woz is captivated once again, broken, and that is game,
set and compare Williams
. She collapses onto a court, lies prone.

Second set: Williams 5 Wozniacki* 3 Williams is 30-0 adult in a trice. But
Wozzer plays a good point, entrance into a net for, we think, a initial time
and forcing Williams to try a low commission flitting shot, that she
misses. Now another unequivocally good indicate from Caroline, in control, moving
Serena around and she’s got it behind to 30-30. This is a impulse for Woz.
Brutal physique serve, she can do zero with that. 40-30. Despite wanting the
second serve, Serena too strong, left a apart second to a energy hitting
of Serena. Game Williams. Woz serves to stay in a match.

Second set: Williams* 4 Wozniacki 3 Caroline sidles into a last
possibility tavern and drinks whatever it is that Danish tennis stars splash –
something with elderflower and vodka, maybe. She wins this diversion with some

Second set: Williams 4 Wozniacki* 2 Not even a spirit of a spot of a
thought of a mangle indicate in this winning use diversion from Williams.

Second set: Williams 3* Wozniacki 2 Wozzer binds serve, though Williams is
usually 3 games divided from fasten Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on 18
grand impact singles titles. we have literally no thought how Caroline can stop
that. Not wholly certain she does either. Just too good, too strong.

Second set: Williams 3 Wozniacki* 1 Serena has got it operative now and,
as so mostly in her career, if she hits about 85% of her best, that’s good
adequate to kick a rest. Eases by this use diversion in thrumming, low,
absolute gear.

Second set: Williams* 2 Wozniacki 1 Another prolonged rally, Williams moving
her competition around during will. 30-30. Caroline wins a subsequent indicate though then
upsets her possess stroke by picking an evidence with a referee about the
ball-girl and, we think, something that has blown onto a court. Sure
enough, she now misses with her initial offer and dishes a second offer up
with parsley around it during 73mph. Bosh. That’s deuce, Williams wins a next
indicate with a shot of a match, a screaming backhand from a slight angle.
Caroline, thoug, binds on to win a diversion and she’s on a house in the

Second set: Williams 2 Wozniacki* 0 Dear me, this is heartless now.
Williams simply crushes out this use game. Caroline understands that you
are authorised to intrude past a baseline to strike a ball, she’s usually not
being authorised to do so. Something like 90% of her shots entrance from behind
a baseline.

Second set: Williams* 1 Wozniacki 0 Best indicate of a compare from
Serena, she is drill Wozzer here, relocating her from front to behind and side
to side before murdering her off. Even a ethereal (ish) bombardment in there. That
takes it to 15-30, and Wozniacki is in a soup again. Williams does not
unequivocally need a advantage of this propitious net cord, though that’s not her problem.
No possibility Wozniacki and that is 15-40. Soon Serena has pushed her approach out of
a behind of a justice once again and broken her on a circle of those
strong groundstrokes.

22.36 Caroline not removing adequate initial serves in, and a second serve
is being fed during a accessible gait to that crunching Williams forehand. Poor
peculiarity initial set, nonetheless both players got into a pitch in a last
integrate of games. Only Williams can kick Williams from here.

SERENA WINS THE FIRST SET 6-3 Much improved from Woz during a start of this
pivotal game, relocating Serena around and attack with length and power. Third
point, some stubborn counterclaim from Caroline, she gets one beyond behind but
Serena has too many power. Unreturnable offer takes it to 40-15. The crowd
consider that a wide, unreturned ace has won a set, though it’s usually wide. No
vital deal, Serena. She moves Wozzer around expertly, powerfully, and soon
closes it out with a backhand expostulate that sends a Dane a wrong way.
Game and initial set to Serena 6-3

First set: Williams 5* Wozniacki 3 Bit of a rest and now Caroline is
prepared to offer again. Powderpuff things from her again, and Williams is on it
with a heartless winner. Wozzer plays a good indicate now, relocating Williams around
and removing her off change and out of position. That’s about a first
tangible winning convene from Caroline that hasn’t featured a Serena error.
Double blunder takes it to 30-30. Wozzer, good down on confidence, mis-times a
prop of elementary groundstrokes. Tenth spontaneous blunder of a set, it’s 40-A
and Williams has set point. Come on Caroline! She saves a BP. And shortly she
has saved a diversion as well. Can she use that boost of certainty to attack
a Serena serve?

First set: Williams 5 Wozniacki 2* Signs of alleviation from both
players in this diversion though usually as something coming tennis is emerging,
Caroline hits a round waaaay prolonged and it’s 40-15 to Serena. Serena binds and
it’s 5-2. Caroline needs to get her forehand operative pronto.

First set: Williams 4* Wozniacki 2 Wozzer again underneath a siphon in this
use game, a Williams’ groundstrokes pulling her behind and back,
eventually she hits into a net and it is 15-40. Serves a initial BP, but
needs her second offer on a second and afterwards hits a round lamely into the
net. It’s a break.

First set: Williams 3 Wozniacki 2* But Serena is relating Caroline
balderdash use diversion for balderdash use game. Double blunder here takes it to
0-40. Ace. And now another double fault. Yet another break! I’d say
we were behind on offer though this is one of those matches where holding serve
is as good as a break, so far. Email comes in from John Mc Enerney:

E-mailHi Alan, “Sweet Caroline” “Simply The Best”are
good thesis songs for these 2 ladies, a sweetest lady on debate v the
baddest(meant in a best probable way)girl we’ve ever seen. Major dissapoint or
Supreme Serena to energy her approach to another GS title. After a shocks
yesterday we don’t wish to call it though I’m going for Serena! Let’s get it on!

First set: Williams 3* Wozniacki 1 Wozniacki is carrying large problems on
her serve, not removing adequate in, and a ones that are anticipating a symbol are
sitting adult to contend hello to a sledgehammer forehand of Williams.
Fortunately for a Wozzer, Serena is creation a array of spontaneous errors.
But not so many of them that Serena doesn’t get another BP in this game.
Saves that with some improved serving. Low peculiarity event so far, one crumby
offer too many and Serena has another break.

First set: Williams 2 Wozniacki 1* Well then. So we join us in the
third game, Serena carrying won a initial two, including, apparently a mangle of
serve. In honour of pronounced damaged serve, we have been booting a living
daylights out of this PoS computer. Anyhow, in a blink of an eye Wozniacki
has broken back! Scenes. A messy start to a compare from both
players, to contend zero of a IT, and we can usually offer my copious apologies
and guarantee we that things will urge right away.

21.59 The players are out on justice and it will be Serena Williams to

21.50 So then. Hello. Where’s your money? Here’s a initial email of the
evening, to remind us all that there are some-more critical things than tennis.
It comes from K Chong.

E-mailI had a same autoimmune illness as Venus Williams and we marinated it in 6
months with Chinese herbs. Since then, it didn’t return. we wish to uncover her
how we did it.

Serena, if you’re reading, get in touch.

18.10 Hi folks and acquire to a live blog coverage of this
potentially glorious final. It’s a transparent dusk in New York City during the
time of essay and we are entirely awaiting this compare to get underway on
time, during around 9.30 or so UK time. I’ll be behind afterwards to see if Serena can
win a honestly absurd 19th title, or if her companion Wozniacki can win her


Serena, arguably a biggest womanlike tennis actor of all time, is looking to
win her 18th grand impact singles title. Her friend, Wozniacki, arguably the
many renouned actor on tour, is looking to win her first.

Both are in glorious form – a Flushing Meadows throng should be in for a

Here is what a tennis correspondent, Simon Briggs, creates of Wozniacki’s

Looking behind during Wozniacki’s development, she has always been a
refreshingly candid sort, giveaway of a torture and middle battles
that trouble so many of tennis’s hothouse flowers.Do not write Wozniacki
off, for she belies her mildness with a cruel rival streak. If
she can find her approach past this final challenge, New York will arise to
commend her.

a rest of Simon’s preview here

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