US Open 2014: Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic infer ‘second line’ no longer fear …

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Chang believes that a protuberance on Nishikori’s toe incited into an unlikely
blessing. “The good thing is that Kei has had a lot of time off,” he said.

“After 3 weeks of not being means to contest and examination what was
function in Cincinnati and Toronto he is fresh, inspired and that has been

“Some guys have a good summer yet by a time a US Open comes around they
are tired,” Chang added. “Last summer, for example, Kei didn’t have a great
time here.”

Indeed he did not, losing to Dan Evans, a British qualifier and professional
scallywag, in a initial round.

If Nishikori might have benefited from an enforced break, a same could be said
of Cilic. His lay-off, however, came in a form of a four-month doping ban,
administered after he missed a warning messages on an over-the-counter
glucose supplement.

The rights and wrongs of Cilic’s box can be debated, and will certainly earn
some disastrous coverage if he should turn US Open champion. But one thing
is evident: he used his time off well, addressing his earthy and technical
weaknesses rather than simply slogging his approach around a circuit like
everybody else.

“I was means to build adult my strength and reanimate some of a injuries we had with
my knee,” pronounced Cilic, who also intent his childhood statue (and 2001
Wimbledon champion) Goran Ivanisevic to manager him. The story is instructive,
as it shows how a overstuffing of a tennis calendar is indeed holding
a competition back. If some-more players were means to find time for calming work,
a altogether peculiarity of a competition would rise.

So who will come out on tip in Monday night’s final? Making predictions seems
like a fool’s diversion after new results, yet one thing is for sure: like
many of a best matches, this one will benefaction a thespian contrariety of

Think in terms of Tom and Jerry. Cilic is a male with a large nails and the
pointy teeth. He will play down outrageous serves – as he did in winning 87 per
cent of his first-serve points opposite Federer – and vanquish a round off both
wings. Neither is he a lumberer; notwithstanding a 6ft 6in frame, Cilic moves more
like a basketball actor than a rugby close forward, covering a entire
justice in a integrate of skinny strides and increasingly feeling confidant adequate to
step brazen and take a round on a half-volley.

However, Nishikori is even some-more swift of feet and discerning of wit. Even if he
does not demeanour as intimidating as Cilic, station usually 5ft 10in and weighing
reduction than 11st, he has one of a many finish games on a tour, being
means to inflict repairs with each cadence – forehand, backhand, volley,
drop-shot – with a difference of his rather common serve. “He played a
shining tactical diversion opposite Novak,” Bottini said. “He hits a round very
early and with a lot of acceleration, regulating a energy of his hips.”

This was a fullest publicity nonetheless of a maestro manager Nick Bollettieri’s
explain that Nishikori has a best hands of anyone he has worked with since
Andre Agassi.

In one way, a final will feel like a tour behind into a past, to a era
before Federer showed that one male – then, later, a tiny organisation of group –
could take control of a biggest tournaments. To a epoch when a Opens
lived adult to their name.

At a same time, though, this could be a glance into tennis’s future. “The
guys from a second line are relocating closer,” Cilic said, “and they are only
going to get usually better. we consider it’s going to be intensely engaging for
a subsequent few grand slams.”

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