US news anchor Dave Benton reveals live on TV that he has 6 months to live

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In a heart-breaking video Benton explained to viewers a refurbish he had perceived from his doctors. He said: “I told we a few weeks ago that my mind cancer is back. What we have learnt in a final few days is that fundamentally it’s too large for medicine or radiation. My doctors have told me we might have 4 to 6 months to live.”

Benton’s co-presenter, Jennifer Roscoe, introduced his proclamation observant they had some “serious things to discuss” and that they were “open-book” on a uncover and wanted to share something with a viewers they had famous for a while. She also praised Benton’s strength and attitude.

The presenter pronounced that he was going to try anti-body diagnosis and some chemo dictated to delayed a expansion of his mind tumour. He also pronounced that, as a born-again Christian, he believed he was in God’s hands and that a idea now was to have a best final days.

Benton has been with a uncover for 9 years and pronounced that viewers had unequivocally “dedicated themselves to this this” and had upheld him by it.

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