US Launches More Airstrikes Against ISIS as France Joins Fight

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U.S. troops army carried out dual some-more airstrikes opposite ISIS militants in Iraq on Thursday and Friday, distinguished a vessel and a tiny belligerent unit, United States Central Command said. The strikes came a same day that France participated in airstrikes opposite a apprehension organisation in Iraq for a initial time.

The new U.S. strikes broken a vessel on a Euphrates River southeast of Baghdad being used to resupply ISIS fighters, and also struck a tiny organisation of fighters southwest of a Iraqi capital, a troops said. The troops did not contend how many ISIS fighters were harm or killed in a attacks.

The attacks came as a promotion wing of a ISIS apprehension organisation expelled a 56-minute Internet film called “Flames of War,” a film a fighters had recently promoted in a trailer. The anecdotist of a promotion film appears to pronounce with a North American accent.

As a U.S.-led bloc ramps adult a attacks, a Army’s tip officer warned Friday it will turn increasingly formidable to aim and launch pointing airstrikes opposite a ISIS militants stealing among a Iraqi population. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told reporters that fighters are commencement to trickle into a race — and there are reports they are regulating children and others as shields. “When we target, we wish to make certain we are targeting a right people,” pronounced Odierno. “The misfortune thing that can occur for us is if we start murdering trusting Iraqis, trusting civilians.”



The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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