Update: Reporter drops F-bomb on live television, quits her job. New video …

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Warning:  This video contains coarse calm and might not be suitable for all audiences.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska  –   Charlo Greene, a contributor for KTVA in Alaska, is looking for a new pursuit today.

She announced she was a owners of an  Alaskan cannabis bar on live television.

That’s not all.

Right after Greene forsaken that bombshell on a Sunday 10 p.m. live newscast, she forsaken another one.

“F**k it. we quit,” she pronounced on live television.

After several moments of awkwardness on a set, a anchor, who was held off guard, apologized.

Twitter was buzzing after Greene repelled viewers with her proclamation and sudden departure.

Some Twitter folks praised Greene’s thespian approach of quitting her job.

Others contend it was ‘classless’ and tacky.



Within minutes, Greene’s author page on KTVA was wiped clean. A small before midnight, KTVA tweeted an apology:

“Viewers, we unequivocally apologize for a inapt denunciation used by a KTVA contributor on a atmosphere tonight. The worker has been terminated.”

ktva facebook response to reporter






Greene says  she’s dedicating herself to a quarrel to legalize pot in a state of Alaska.

Now a new video emerges where Greene explains her decision.

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