Unfollow, don’t Unfriend, them on Facebook

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The new News Feed environment apparatus allows we to retard out puppy and kitten cinema or selfies from recurrent sharers. PHOTO: REUTERS

NEW YORK: If we have unwillingly supposed crony requests from irritating acquaintances, who occupy nonessential space in your Facebook news feed, we could now unfollow them but unfriending them.

Facebook has launched a News Feed settings apparatus to let we control posts that we do not wish to see, a association pronounced in a statement.

After login, only click on a grey arrows, that seem on a tip right corners of posts and give we a choice of unfollowing a person.

Users can also use a grey arrows to censor stories they are not meddlesome in reading.

This can assistance retard out puppy and kitten cinema or selfies from that recurrent sharer.

It was never so easy to mislay a brands and websites we have Liked on Facebook over a years.

The underline is accessible on a mobile and desktop versions of a site, and will come to a Facebook app within a entrance weeks.

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