UFC Fight Night 96 results: John Lineker tops John Dodson by separate in ‘Fight of a Year’ contender

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PORTLAND, Ore. – John Dodson’s correctness in a distinguished diversion was on point. But his plan of creation certain he wasn’t around when John Lineker threw behind during him might have backfired.

Lineker (29-7 MMA, 10-2 UFC) took a separate preference from Dodson (18-8 MMA, 7-3 UFC) with a span of 48-47 scores, and Dodson expected now will consternation if his plan of encircling outward to stay divided from Lineker’s energy was interpreted a wrong approach by dual of a judges.

The catchweight hitch (Lineker missed weight for a bantamweight limit) was a categorical eventuality of today’s UFC Fight Night 96 eventuality during Moda Center in Portland, Ore. It aired on FS1 following prelims on FS2 and UFC Fight Pass.

Dodson brisk to a core of a enclosure anticipating to set a gait early, though Lineker landed a right palm to a body. Dodson worked a leg kick, though Lineker followed with one of his own. Dodson worked a outward and countered easily with kicks any time a Brazilian attempted to get inside. Lineker landed with a right palm with dual mins left, afterwards ducked divided from Dodson as he came forward. Dodson laughed and smiled during his opponent, who smiled back, though afterwards drilled Dodson drilled a flog to a conduct that somehow Lineker took and walked through. With 25 seconds left, Dodson got a pull takedown, though let Lineker right behind up.

Lineker continued to pull brazen in a second, though Dodson’s speed customarily had him out of a way. Two mins in, Lineker landed a plain knee to a body, though Dodson answered with a right hand. Tired of Dodson encircling and interpreting it as running, Lineker stopped and put his hands on his hips, watchful for Dodson to engage. Then he mocked that he was using away. The fighters were warned by arbitrate John McCarthy to play good in a sandbox, so to speak, though on a restart, Dodson landed a knee too low and Lineker took a mangle to recover. When they got going again, they started slinging leather. Lineker landed a good left hand, afterwards took a few from Dodson to give a few back.

Ninety seconds into a third, rock’em-sock’em robots took over to a crowd’s delight. But shortly after, Dodson was behind on a outisde. But with 90 seconds left, Lineker dumbfounded Dodson with a right hand. Dodson was means to stay on his feet, though it was flattering transparent Lineker had him harm briefly. Thirty seconds later, Dodson had recovered and landed another conduct flog that Lineker walked through. Then he continued to pull brazen and chuck furious punches and gestured to a throng to wish to get Dodson to stay in a slot and engage.

Two mins into a fourth, Lineker swung over a tip with a large right hand, though Dodson ideally ducked underneath and landed a breif takedown. But Lineker was fast behind adult and a quarrel was behind to what it had been a initial 17 mins – Dodson doing his best to stay divided from Lineker’s power. But when a time strike dual minutes, Lineker finally started to make some advance opposite Dodson. He held adult to him and landed several combinations, even as Dodson dismissed back. Dodson might have been hurt, though he stayed in a quarrel and worked another flog to a head.

The fighters hugged before a start of a fifth to honour any other on a “Fight of a Night”-worthy initial 20 minutes. Dodson landed a Superman punch a notation in, afterwards found himself in informed domain relocating divided from Lineker’s punches. Lineker was wearing a repairs on his face from punches and expected a conduct kicks from Dodson. With 1:50 left, a dual started drilling any other with punches and knees along a fence, though after Dodson got behind out he landed dual left hands – a second of that popped Lineker’s conduct back. Lineker looked some-more run down, and with a notation left he got a takedown and jumped on Lineker’s back. Lineker walked him to a fence, not endangered with a takedown attempt. Dodson hopped off with 30 seconds left, afterwards landed another conduct flog down a stretch.

But when a scores were read, it was Lineker who had a span of 48-47s to one dissenting 48-47 for Dodson.

Lineker won for a sixth true time and fourth true time given his lapse to bantamweight. Dodson is behind to a detriment mainstay after a 37-second TKO win in Apr in his lapse to a division.

Up-to-the-minute UFC Fight Night 96 formula include:

For finish coverage of UFC Fight Night 96, check out a UFC Events territory of a site.

(MMAjunkie’s John Morgan and Steven Marrocco contributed to this news on site in Portland.)

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