UFC 182 Results: Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier and a Real Winners and Losers

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In a lot of ways, Jon Jones is a LeBron James of MMA. And he has Daniel Cormier to appreciate for that.

There is no doubt Jon Jones binds a same once-in-a-decade earthy collection as his basketball counterpart. He has a same work ethic, a same jaunty swagger, a same expostulate to be illustrious. At a immature age, Jones and James both lay astride their particular sports.

But they both do so uneasily. Despite their enterprise to be favourite and to decorate all they see in their personal brands, a fans clarity insincerity, and that clarity is certified by controversial decisions divided from a personification surface. Peeks behind a screen customarily exhibit something opposite from those things that take a theatre for open consumption.

Jon Jones didn’t meant for it to occur this way, though Daniel Cormier helped fans see a genuine Jones. Through his abiding and palatable feud with Jones, a Olympic wrestler finished Jones most some-more tellurian than Jones would have ever finished himself. Just like LeBron; infrequently it’s those unintended things that lift a some-more engaging consequences.

In any case, Jones, a LeBron James of MMA, a sport’s biggest active competitor—and maybe its best of all time—made a bid Saturday night to urge his UFC light heavyweight belt for an eighth time. Seeing as how Cormier had never mislaid a turn and presented rare challenges, he competence be Jones’ stiffest challenger to date. Either way, a tastiest thing about these feuds in MMA is that there’s zero incongruous about score-settling.

On Saturday in Las Vegas during UFC 182, they staid it.

But there were moments adult and down a 11-fight line-up that combined transparent winners and losers. As always, a final stat lines usually exhibit so much. Here’s who unequivocally came out on tip Saturday night and who unequivocally came adult short.

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