Ubisoft CEO praises NX, says it will put Nintendo ‘back in a race’

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2016 is sketch to a close, and we’ve nonetheless to get any central proclamation from Nintendo on a arriving “NX” console or sum on a games. Despite this, expectations continue to be set that a diversion complement will launch in Mar 2017, with this being corroborated adult by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. The executive has praised a NX before, and continues to stress that a console will be a large strike for Nintendo.

Nintendo has prolonged struggled to keep adult with Sony and Microsoft in terms of gaming hardware, though Guillemot believes a NX will be a success a association needs. At a new investors meeting, a CEO settled that he “believes Nintendo will be behind in a competition with a NX,” reports French publisher Chloe Woitier.

Of course, Guillemot’s regard wouldn’t be value most if Ubisoft wasn’t actively creation any games for a NX, however a developer is reliable to have several titles in a works for a arriving console, nonetheless we don’t know what a lineup includes.

During a apart display hold progressing in September, a Ubisoft exec settled that a NX will be easy to use and offer gaming practice opposite from what’s accessible today. “It’s unequivocally a new approach. It’s unequivocally Nintendo — entrance with something new again. We adore it,” he added.

This should all sound familiar, as it’s a same kind of plan we’ve seen Nintendo use many time before with a hardware releases, generally a dual prior consoles, a Wii and Wii U. With long-rumored novelties like behaving as a hybrid home console/handheld portable, and modular controllers, let’s wish a NX find success for some-more than a brief dual years before developers start shunning it.

SOURCE Chloe Woitier, Venture Beat

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